Candyland Weed: A Cannabis Strain Review

August 30, 2021
Candyland Cannabis Strain
Candyland Cannabis Strain

Sativa strains are usually known for their uplifting, energetic, and happy effects. However, it’s not just about the height of your high either.  Sativa strains are also known for their numerous medicinal benefits such as energy, creativity, and focus.  They’re great for pain relief – often recommended by doctors to patients with anxiety and depression – and can even prevent migraines in some cases.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, what’s the best sativa strain? With so many options available, let’s find out whether Candyland is really the best option!

What is a Sativa Strain?

Strain names are divided into two main categories:

  • Indica Strains: Grow taller than their indica counterparts and are known for producing high levels of sedation and relaxing effects. These strains are perfect for daytime use and are a great choice for people who want a pleasant, non-perfumed feel.
  • Sativa Strains: Tend to be slightly taller and often show a greenish tinge, with longer, fluffy foliage that usually produce euphoric effects.

Why Choose a Sativa Strain?

When selecting a sativa strain, you should consider several factors.  For example, if you’re a first time cannabis user, you probably don’t want a powerful high or a memorable high.  You would much rather have a nice mild high that you can enjoy throughout the day.  The same goes for women who are on their period or have other menstrual changes.  While most men and women can enjoy a sativa strain while on their period, it will likely produce a stronger high and may be more potent for men.  Another aspect that you should consider when choosing a sativa strain is what type of strain you’re going to be trying.

What is Candyland – Overview?

There really is something about the name “Candyland” that instantly makes it an irresistible pick out of the many sativa-dominant hybrids on the market.  Maybe it’s the association with the whimsical boardgame, or the mental image of sugary sweets.  Either way, we’re pleased to say that the strain completely lives up to the hype, and if you’re a fan of sativa effects, it’s an absolute must-try.

Candyland is classified as a 70% sativa/30% indica hybrid, with THC levels that typically range between 18%-24%, and about 1% CBD & 1% CBN.  It comes from crossing Granddaddy Purple with Platinum Cookies – two extremely sought-after strains in their own rights, which gives you an idea of just how special this cultivar truly is.  The buds are known for their compact appearance, with olive-green tones, golden hairs and glittery white trichomes.

What Does Candyland Taste and Smell Like?

With every whiff of Candyland’s nugs, you’ll be treated to a cornucopia of luscious, sugar-coated fruits – mainly juicy berries and zesty citrus, all of which have been coated in layers upon layers of sweetness.  The flavor offers even more complexity, with that confection-like flavor really coming through to leave you licking your lips, while subtler notes of pine and earth keep the flavor nice and grounded.

What are Candyland’s Effects?

As with many other sativa-dominant strains, Candyland is known to cause an uplifting high, and to send you deep into euphoric bliss for hours.  This strain has what most would consider a medium level of THC, and although it’s not one of the most potent sativas, it’s also far, far from being the mildest option out there.

Candyland is a shapeshifter, beginning as a classic sativa with a feeling of enhanced energy, giddiness and motivation.  This might encourage you to get some chores done, take on a creative project or focus more deeply on a task at home.  Your body will begin to feel warm and tingly, rather than heavy, which can be absolutely incredible for the muscles.

That being said, Candyland is known to cause a higher level of relaxation than what a lot of strictly-sativa users are used to, and it’s even said to improve sleep.  This is something that comes after the more energizing effects wear off, about halfway through the experience.  Candyland has been said to offer a deep calming effect on the nervous system and bring about a state of meditative ease to the mind.  Whether you suffer from anxiety or depression, Candyland has been said to be effective in relieving both of these issues.  And, while it can ease your mind, its body high is never reported to be so intense that you feel absolutely glued to the couch.

Is Candyland the Best Option For You?

Basically, all of the above information tells you that Candyland is full of surprises.  Just when you’re convinced that you have a pure sativa on your hands, it changes course and acts as a phenomenally effective strain for stress relief and unwinding after a long and demanding day.

Candyland: A Sweet Escape into Euphoric Bliss

Candyland has got it all: euphoria, tranquility and a flavor profile that sounds too good to be true.  These mouthwatering nugs can really deliver a profound and completely unique experience that takes you on a journey of pure bliss.  And, given its moderate THC level, it’s a good choice for those who aren’t necessarily looking for the strongest cultivars out there.  So, go ahead and give it a try – it’s becoming more available on the market due to its intensely growing demand, and it’s easy to see why.