Cannatonic Strain

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
August 27, 2020
Weed Strain Cannatonic
Weed Strain Cannatonic

As one of the most famous medicinal marijuana strains, Cannatonic was originally developed by Resin Seeds.  Cannatonic is one of the most popular strains out there for those who want a good amount of CBD along with their THC, and is beloved for its fairly low psychoactive potency compared to many of the more modern strains on the market.  If you’re interested in exploring a mellow high that gives you loads of potential benefits from CBD, this is the strain you gotta check out.

What is Cannatonic?

As one of the most famous medicinal marijuana strains, Cannatonic, originally developed by Resin Seeds is all about high CBD and relatively low THC.  Typically, you’ll find it leaning toward a higher CBD content than THC.  Originally, it was targeted to be a 50/50 balance of CBD and THC, but that hasn’t proven replicable or consistent, and it usually contains double digit percentages – up to 15% of each CBD and THC, although the rates can vary.  The consistent threat in this strain is the high CBD, balanced with a significant THC content.  As for the strain itself, it’s a 50/50 hybrid.

Because of this combination, it is a strain designed to help users relax and rejuvenate.  The combination of CBD and THC work together to activate the entourage effect, which is when the cannabinoids and terpenes work together synergistically.  This is a popular focus lately, with many preferring higher THC products over CBD isolates.  Still, there is enough THC in this strain to both activate the CBD and also give you at least a slight buzz.

The Cannatonic strain has won several Cannabis Cup awards for its high concentration and for its CBD inclusion.  Visually, this custom-bred strain is medium in size with chunky, tightly packed greenish yellow popcorn-like buds and a dense cola, and the buds appear to have sugar-coated leaves as they near harvest due to the trichome crystals.

What Does Cannatonic Taste and Smell Like?

The flavor is best experienced smoking.  It’s a woody and earthy flavor with hints of citrus, and especially orange from the terpenes.  You’ll also notice some sourness when it’s smoked, which gives it a tangy taste, although it’s not overwhelming and is oddly smooth.

Cannatonic Cannabis Strain Uses

The high percentage of both CBD and THC make this a very relaxing and versatile strain.

What are Cannatonic’s Effects?

The high percentage of both CBD and THC make this a very relaxing and versatile strain.  It’s used both for recreational purposes as well as medicinal and therapeutic uses.  In terms of potential benefits, people report relief from chronic pain, headaches, muscle spasms, inflammation, nausea, stress, anxiety and mood disorders.

Now we know what conditions it might help with, but what does it actually feel like?  With the higher CBD and high THC content, this strain is both relaxing and mildly intoxicating.  There’s a reason it’s also a popular recreational choice, especially for new or occasional users. It can give you sensations of euphoria, inner peace, reduced tension, and a warming, numbing effect throughout the body.

The Cannatonic strain is an effective choice for medicinal and light recreational use, and it has fewer side effects than strains with higher THC.  While you may get a “head high” from this strain, it will be mild, and not accompanied by the paranoia or anxiety often associated with other recreational strains.

Growing the Cannatonic Cannabis Strain

Cannatonic is resistant to bugs, but it does seem to attract and be susceptible to mold and mildew.  This makes it a higher maintenance strain that is best grown in a controlled environment, such as indoor, where you can control the light, temperature, and humidity levels better.

It has about a nine-week flowering period during which the hours of light should be reduced to 10, from the typical 12 hours, and it will need to be pruned regularly to improve airflow.  Yields about 250-400 grams per plant outdoors, or up to about 500 indoors.

You’ll need to monitor and control the humidity levels indoors, keeping it at about 60% until it starts blooming, at which point you will reduce it to under 50%.  Then, by the late flowering stage, you’ve to reduce it further to below 40%.  Also need to monitor the pH of the growing medium, maintaining a pH level of between 6.2 and 6.5.

Cannatonic: Refresh Your Body and Mind

If you’re all about CBD these days, and want a mellower kind of high, then Cannatonic is your new go-to.  It can deliver lots of potential benefits while providing a nice buzz that makes you feel at total peace with your surroundings.