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Haze Weed Strain Potent Sativa: Cannabis Strain Review

Haze Sativa: A Very Potent Strain, And What To Do With It

haze cannabis strainWhat type of plant came from the mountains of Northern Ethiopia and is a favorite among growers today? The answer: The Haze Sativa strain. This strain is known for its haze-like appearance, with long, dense buds with a purple hue. With this mixture of genetics from White Widow and Northern Lights, this plant is an easy to grow strain with high yields when grown organically. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get growing!

The Haze Sativa strain

The genetics for the Haze Sativa strain come from Sativa israelensis, and has been grown throughout the world for several years. But recently, some varieties of this strain have been genetically altered, which are called ‘mystery strains’. I am a fan of mystery strains because they aren’t guaranteed to have the same properties as the original Sativa, but the mystery strains allow for growers to really explore different growing techniques that give the cannabis growers a chance to test themselves. Plus, with several mystery strain strains having high levels of THC and very little CBD, a lot of people are simply looking for something that will give them that extra kick.

The effects of this strain

Before you start growing the Haze Sativa strain, it is important that you learn what it is used for. That is, if you want to get a feel for this highly potent strain, and if you want to use it for medical applications. The effects of this strain are felt within 15 to 30 minutes after you smoke it. The first noticeable effect is a rapid rise in blood pressure. This is a result of the effects of the butane hash oil the plant produces. However, if the THC levels are high enough, you will experience a more natural trip than a typical plant. What you’ll experience is the dreamlike state that people associate with the effects of hash oil. This strain will also cause nausea in the first three hours. Once it is smoked, it produces a definite sense of euphoria.

How to grow this strain

If you want the best on the market for this strain. Most places online are selling low quality seeds and poor quality clones. You can also buy clones on the high end but if you buy clones, it is best to check with the breeder about the clones you want to buy to make sure they’re true stocks of this strain. If you want to buy clones, the best site would be Green Thumb Herbs or Farther Leaf. Both of these sites have seed available right now for purchase and the clones are only a few dollars.


With endless varieties of strains available, there’s no end to the possibilities for growth. So, pick your plant based on your level of experience and readiness for a new strain. Continue your research to find out the best strains to smoke for mood enhancers, with or without physical activity, with or without stimulants. Enjoy your new found hobby!


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