Jack Frost Strain

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
September 12, 2020
Jack Frost Weed Review
Jack Frost Weed Review

Brrr – do you feel that chill?  No, winter isn’t coming early this year.  It’s Jack Frost, one of the most sought-after top-shelf strains around.  This gorgeous, fairly balanced hybrid strain is high in THC, and promises to sweep you off your feet and throw you into a euphoric wonderland as beautiful as the fresh snow.

What is Jack Frost?

The Jack Frost cannabis strain should not be confused with Apple Jack strain, it is a fairly balanced sativa/indica hybrid with a solid THC content at about 22%.  While it’s often 50/50, sometimes you will get more of a 60% sativa profile.  Overall, experience a strong euphoric high that increases your creativity and reduces your pain, which can last for up to three hours.  The child of the White Widow and Northern Lights #5 strains, it will give you a smooth, gradual effect that is strong enough to help you sleep.

The development of this strain was focused on creating a more potent alternative to the Jack Herer, Northern Lights #5 and White Widow strains, with a more desirable flavor and aroma.  While developing this strain, Goldenseed also came up with another classic: the Rainbow Kashmiri strain.

The standard, non-descript appearance adds to the genuine surprise of the effect.  This mid-sized, fluffy green nug delivers a truly uplifting and happy buzz.

What Does Jack Frost Taste and Smell Like?

Typical of cannabis in general, the Jack Frost flavor and aroma is woody and earthy in a way that is ultimately milder than many other strains, and that’s one of the reasons this strain was initially bred.  There’s a degree of skunkiness to it, but it’s offset by the clean smoothness of the sweet lemony citrus flavors.

Jack Frost Cannabis Strain Uses

The gentleness and smoothness of this line, coupled with the focus of delivering a powerful happy buzz combines to make this a good strain for other therapeutic uses, as well. This makes it a top choice for those seeking release from stress and tension.

What are Jack Frost’s Effects?

The gentleness of Jack Frost, coupled with the ability to deliver a powerful, happy buzz, makes this a good strain for other therapeutic uses, as well.  It’s really a top choice for those seeking release from stress and tension as well as depression.  Plus, it’s got some serious appetite-boosting qualities that will give you the munchies in no time.

What you can count on no matter what is that you’ll be happy almost right after you exhale, with a feeling of blissed out euphoria, and a warm and tingly sensation running through every muscle.  And, these dreamy effects will only be enhanced as the buzz progresses, and it starts to really relieve tension and pain.  Many people report feeling more energized, focused and creative, yet enjoying a totally calm state of mind that takes away the urgency of their daily routine.

Possible Side Effects of the Jack Frost Cannabis Strain

Side effects are typical, but for novice users, be alert to your reactions. The faster acting nature of this strain could take you by surprise and trigger reactions that can include increased paranoia or anxiety as the speed of the high can increase your sense of loss of control.

Otherwise, stay hydrated to avoid these standard cannabis side effects:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Paranoia
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches

Growing the Jack Frost Cannabis Strain

Relatively standard strain to grow, with a standard appearance. This is a solid strain for growers that is lower maintenance and high yield. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, but typically thrives better indoor in controlled environment.

  • Flowing: 55-60 days
  • Outdoor harvest: September
  • Yield: heavy

Jack Frost: The Ultimate “Chill” Pill

Warning: Jack Frost nipping at your nose may cause happiness and giggling.  The Jack Frost strain relaxes the body and speeds the mind, making for a happy experience that lasts a couple hours with only about two hits.  Be careful if you’re a novice user, and go slow.  Otherwise, overall, you can expect not only a nice, relaxing experience, but also a relief from pain and stress.