Silver Haze CBD Strain

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
November 2, 2020
Silver Haze Cannabis Plant
Silver Haze Cannabis Plant

Ah, Silver Haze – you’ve probably heard the name before, and may have even chosen this strain to conjure memories of a time gone by.  Silver Haze is a cannabis strain long used by medical and recreational users, but this new CBD hemp strain is different. For one thing, there’s not nearly enough THC to get you high, and instead, it’s a heavy CBD strain that will give you great effects without the deep haze of the original.

Overview: What is Silver Haze CBD Hemp Flower?

The makeup and effects are basically the same as the Silver Haze in marijuana form, but this high-CBD version is a strong favorite of medical and therapeutic users.  So, keep in mind that this is a product that will not get you high.  It’s a hybrid that yields about 60% indica genes and 40% sativa, with a fantastic 17% CBD, plus small amounts of CBG and CBN in there for good measure.  Its parents are Skunk #1, #5 Haze and Northern Lights – 3 classics that have dominated the industry for ages.

The appearance of the buds harkens back to a simpler time, when there wasn’t the massive variety we have today, and we were most concerned about stems and seeds.  The nugs are simple and dense, tall, and reliably stinky and dry.  But while there are similarities, times have changed, and this robust dense nug conjures memories, but adds new details with more vibrant shades of greens and purples, with glistening highlights from the trichomes.

What Does Silver Haze CBD Hemp Flower Taste and Smell Like?

The old school vibes continue with an earthy, musky flavor and aroma perfumed with a hint of sandalwood, especially notable when you exhale. It offers skunky, sweet, and citrusy undertones that come together to offer a well-rounded fragrance and taste. It will remind you of your favorite classic buds.

What are Silver Haze CBD Hemp Flower’s Effects?

Silver Haze is a high-CBD, low-THC strain that offers plenty of value to therapeutic users, thanks to its many extremely useful benefits.  It’s a gentle and pleasant strain that offers overall soothing effects without the psychoactive buzz from the cannabis strain by the same name.  It’s best known for helping with anxiety and other mood disorders, as well as stress, tension in the body, and even insomnia.

Silver Haze, in hemp flower form, is positively loaded with CBD and terpenes, and the result is a gentle soothing experience that allows you to ease into a calm state and let the stresses and tensions of the day melt away.  It won’t cause couchlock, since that typically comes from THC, but what it can do is offer a sense of ease that works its way along the body, as your negative thoughts are banished from your awareness.  Because of all of the above, you can really enjoy it at any time, day or night.

Silver Haze CBD Hemp Flower: All of Those Legendary Effects without the High  

Silver Haze will bring back memories from the name alone, and its effects and flavor will seem quite familiar to you.  But as the saying goes, you can’t go home again … at least not with the CBD version of the strain, although that doesn’t mean it won’t thrill you and serve a tremendous need, even if it’s one you didn’t know you had.  With high CBD levels and virtually no THC, this strain will make you feel heavenly: relaxed, calm, serene and happy.  It’s the home you didn’t know you missed.