Wedding Cake Strain

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
September 13, 2020
Wedding Cake Weed Strain
Wedding Cake Weed Strain

One of the most talked-about strains of the decade is Wedding Cake, an absolutely euphoric indica-dominant hybrid with effects just as tasty as the flavor.  Let’s take a close look at what sets this one apart, and why it’s one of the most sought-after strains on today’s cannabis market.

Overview: What is Wedding Cake?

The Wedding Cake cannabis strain is an indica-leaning hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa), that gives its users a relaxing, happy sensation throughout their mind and body.  It’s also known as Pink Cookies, and also is a variant of the Triangle Mint strain which is also very successful.  As you may expect, the strain is tasty and fun, but be careful, because this is a potent strain that yields around 24% THC.  It has less than 1% CBD and no CBN to speak of.

The Wedding Cake nug is shaped a bit like a Christmas tree, with a thick stem and base.  The large, thick and dark green leaves are offset by a mass of orange pistils and curls of warm olive.  To add to the celebratory appearance, it glistens with the silvery, shimmery, sticky coating of trichomes.

What Does Wedding Cake Taste and Smell Like?

When picturing wedding cake, you think of rich n’ creamy vanilla flavors and luscious fruits.  Overlaying the characteristic earthy and musky flavors of cannabis is the sweet, fruity combination that comes from its tasty parents.  Sure, it doesn’t taste like wedding cake exactly, but it does have a hint of nutty creaminess to top it off.  Think of it like an overly decorated cake speckled flowers and greenery on the outside, as you can expect a bit of the dampness and grassy, dirt taste that might have a little skunkiness to it.

What are Wedding Cake’s Effects?

This strain works to ease the mind and body in waves, first lifting the spirits and mood while increasing focus, and then slowly relaxing the body, almost melting the stress away.  The high starts almost immediately, with a powerful rush to the head.  This can get your mind racing as your thoughts becoming more intense.  As if to serve as a distraction, your senses are all heightened, allowing you to perceive more acutely, while easing into a sense of calm and euphoria.

This initial rush can be disorienting for new or sensitive users.  The calmness combines with the happiness to form a feeling of giddiness, but it doesn’t stop there.  About an hour after you use it, the indica effect begins, starting with a tingly warming spreading through the spine and out to your arms and legs.

This strain can really enhance your creativity and engagement in activities that involve mind and body synergy, and it improves just about every activity to make it more exciting and engaging.

Wedding Cake Strain Uses

This strain works to ease the mind and body, in waves, first lifting the spirits and mood, increasing focus, and then slowly relaxes the body, almost melting the stress away.

Growing the Wedding Cake Strain

It’s not easy to get Wedding Cake seeds, so your best bet is to get a clipping or cultivate a clone.  This isn’t an easy strain to grow, so it’s not recommended for new growers, and even with experienced ones, it’s best done indoors because it allows for more control over the environment, which needs to be humid and moderate, about 70oF.

It’s still a temperamental strain so you may need to add a tent to help with the lighting and exposure.  The plant is bushy, and just may need to be trimmed to ensure the light reaches everywhere. Despite it being a high maintenance strain to grow, it’s still fairly hardy in that it can tolerate some weather changes, and appears to be fairly resistant to mold, mildew, and insects.

  • Best suited for indoor growing
  • Tropical environment (warm, humid)
  • Flowering: 7-9 weeks
  • Yield: 18-21 oz per square meter

Wedding Cake: Mouthwatering and Dreamy in its Potent Effects

The Wedding Cake strain is a good one to share, just like its namesake.  Its flavor is out of this world, and it gives a full-bodied high while increasing the engagement between those partaking together.  It’s a relaxing and thought-provoking cultivar that is strong enough to deliver a lasting buzz that continues to grow with time.