Mr. Hemp Flower Delta-8 THC Organic Gummies Review

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
October 25, 2023
THC Organic Gummies Review
THC Organic Gummies Review

One of the most popular ways to experience the effects of delta 8 THC is to do so by consuming gummies, and Mr. Hemp Flower has given us some of the most high-end gummies that the market has seen.  Their Delta-8 THC Organic Gummies, as you’ll see, live up to the hype with stunning flavor and top-shelf delta 8 for deeply satisfying effects.

The Packaging

We love the packaging for these gummies, which have a psychedelic vibe with the font and colors, while still maintaining an overall professional and tidy look that lets you know that you’re buying delta 8 from a very legitimate company.  The seal of the package is childproof, although you should steal keep these gummies out of the way of children.  The package’s label tells you everything that you need to know including the milligram strength and the ingredients.

The Transparency

Mr. Hemp Flower is a company that prioritizes transparency, as all companies should, in order to give customers the peace of mind that what they’re getting is top-notch hemp.  The brand is clear about how they get their hemp plant material, the type of extracts they use (in this case, delta 8 distillate) and the flavoring ingredients and other components of the formula.  You can easily find out more information about their methods and processes on their website.


Mr. Hemp Flower Delta-8 THC Organic Gummies come in two strengths: 10mg or 20mg per gummy, in the same quantity amount regardless of the strength you choose.  There are no options that let you pick different flavors, but within each jar is a combination of three flavors: Green Apple, Passionfruit, and Raspberry, in equal amounts.

Other Actives

There are no other active ingredients in these gummies, as delta 8 THC takes center stage.  Also, there are no terpenes within the formula, nor other cannabinoids, as the extract used here is just a pure delta 8 THC distillate that acts as the only hemp-derived compound in the formula. 

Overall Formula

Mr. Hemp Flower is known for creating very clean formulas, and these gummies certainly fall in line with that.  For one thing, it’s a vegan formula, which is very unique as most gummies on the market get their satisfying gummy texture from gelatin.  The recipe contains only organic and plant-derived ingredients, including the flavoring itself, and fruit pectin takes the place of gelatin.  It’s sweetened by organic cane sugar, and overall, it’s a formula that you can feel good about consuming daily, in short.


The gummies, like all products from this brand, are thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory, which gives us unbiased lab reports that we can access to verify purity levels, breakdown of chemical compounds and other key factors pertaining to quality.  Lab-testing is a crucial component to running a hemp business because it gives customers proof of quality and legitimacy.

Flavor Profile

These gummies are known for their exceptional flavor, which certainly has a lot to do with the quality of the ingredients used.  The natural ingredients give a fresher and more complex fruity flavor that’s as refreshing to the palate as it is satisfying to the sweet tooth, and each of the three flavors within the jar are equally enjoyable and distinctive.  We love that they’re unique flavor options as well.

Type of Experience to Expect

If you’ve never consumed delta 8 in edible form before, you should know that it’s different from other methods like vapes, in a way that many find to be quite favorable.  It can take up to 2 hours before the effects really peak, but once they do, they can last for up to 8 hours.  The psychoactive properties are a bit milder than they are when delta 8 is inhaled, and you can expect a distinctive “body high” that many find to be quite blissful.

Our Final Opinion

Mr. Hemp Flower Delta-8 THC Organic Gummies are some of the best-selling gummies on the delta 8 market, thanks to a fully organic and natural formula that’s vegan, coupled with exceptional flavor and the perfect serving of delta-8 distillate.  If you want to incorporate gummies into your regimen, they’re the perfect choice.