What is Delta 10 THC?

April 15, 2021
What is Delta 10 THC?
What is Delta 10 THC?

Just when you finally felt like you were getting a hang of the different popular compounds in the hemp plant, out comes a brand new one that’s already gotten the hemp community buzzing with excitement.  Many of us are only just starting to dabble in delta 8 THC, an isomer and derivative of delta 9 THC known for its milder high.  Now, we have delta 10 THC, and it’s certain to act as yet another way to experience the fascinating effects of the hemp plant, being a cannabinoid just like cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), delta 8, and many others found in the plant’s chemical composition.

So, what is delta 10 THC, and what can it do?  Well, we will do our best to answer that question.  Delta 10 is extremely new and has not even really hit the market just yet.  However, we will share what we know about the cannabinoid so that when it does become more available, you’ll have an idea of whether or not it’s something that you would like to try.

Where Does Delta 10 THC Come from?

Delta 10 was discovered accidentally.  A team in California found that when the hemp plant was accidentally exposed to a fire-retardant, it developed crystals that were rich in the compound.  The way that they discovered delta 10 was by sending the extract made from the plant to a local lab to have it tested.  For quite a while, the lab analysts were stumped until they were finally able to figure out that what they were observing was delta 10 THC.

How is Delta 10 THC Being Made?

Technically, delta 10 is a synthetically made cannabinoid.  In other words, it does not seem to be a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant in the plant’s raw and unadulterated form.  Delta 10 can only be created when the plant is exposed to specific conditions that change the structure of its compounds.

As we speak, laboratories are working to develop efficient and safe means for producing delta 10 THC so that the hemp companies around the world can begin to launch their own delta 10 products.  Delta 10 is an isomer to CBD, as is delta 8, and so the best way to produce it seems to involve rearranging the molecules of an isolated form of cannabidiol to replicate the molecular structure that was identified and observed by the first laboratory analysts to get a sample of the compound.

What Can Delta 10 THC Offer?

We don’t yet know the properties or effects of delta 10 THC besides the fact that the cannabinoid is psychoactive like its sister compounds, delta 9 and delta 8.  Delta 10 is a brand-new discovery, and so medical researchers have not gotten their hands on it just yet.  Therefore, we cannot state any properties associated with the compound.

However, we can imagine that it would behave similarly to delta 8 and delta 9.  Both of these cannabinoids work primarily on CB1 receptors in the brain and nervous system, and being cannabinoids, the compound has the capability of binding to cannabinoid receptors in these regions to regulate specific functions associated with them.  Again, this has not yet been verified, but it’s possible that delta 10 could balance mood, neurological function, nausea and pain to the extent that both delta 8 and delta 9 have been shown to be capable of.

Of course, as we learn more about delta 10, which we will if it becomes as popular as we’re expecting it to, we will share more information.

How is Delta 10 THC Unique from Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC?

As delta 10 is a specific cannabinoid, it’s different from both delta 8 and delta 9 on a molecular level.  Again, we cannot speak for its unique effects, as these have not yet been researched in any capacity since the compound is brand new.

One thing we can say is those who have had the privilege of actually trying the primitive forms of the compound have said that its high is unique.  Delta8’s high is typically associated with being more calming, and those who have used delta 10 say that it produces a more energizing, creativity-enhancing high, while, like delta 8, being milder in its psychoactive properties than delta 9.

Are There Delta 10 THC Products Available?

Right now, we cannot recommend any delta 10 products that you may find on the market.  Again, the cannabinoid is extremely new and so we cannot say whether or not a product you may find with the cannabinoid is legitimate.  As delta 10 is rare, there may be fakes out there for those who are curious about the compound’s effects and have no point of reference for the sake of comparison.

But that’s likely going to change in a big way.  Labs, as we said, are working hard to make delta 10 an extract that can be used to formulate products.  Presently, some hemp companies are already planning to launch delta 10 products within the next few months. We have to imagine that delta 10 will come in the same familiar forms that we’re used to with other hemp products, such as vape cartridges, gummies and tinctures.

Is Delta 10 THC Going to Be the Next Big Thing in the Hemp Industry?

If we learned anything from this present delta 8 boom, it is that hemp enthusiasts are eager to try new cannabinoids from the hemp plant.  That being said, it is highly likely that delta 10 THC will become a majorly popular cannabinoid within the year, as long as there are no unexpected legal obstacles that get in the way of its success.  Therefore, stay tuned as you are likely to hear more and more about it in the coming months.  We wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of 2021, it becomes fairly easy to find delta 10 products being sold by your favorite hemp product distributors.  Once that happens, we think that delta 10 will see the same level of success that delta 8 has been enjoying.

We also predict that delta 10 vape carts will be the biggest sellers in this submarket, just like those containing delta 8 extract.  Those seeking out the psychoactive properties of certain hemp compounds tend to prefer vaping, because it offers faster-acting, more potent, and more short-lived effects.  Gummies, tinctures, and even topicals could also become hugely popular, as we’ve seen with delta 8 and other cannabinoids taken from the hemp plant.

For the time-being, we recommend that you stay up to date on delta 10 THC developments, and that if you do happen to find delta 10 for sale, you do your research to make sure that it’s being made by a company that already has a strong reputation on the hemp market.