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How to Understand Delta 10 Milligram Strengths and Dosing

Delta 10 THC is destined to be a huge success over the next few months, and companies are just starting to roll out delta 10 in familiar forms like vape cartridges, tinctures, gummies and more.  With its mild intoxicating qualities along with its potential to provide more boosting effects, it’s not surprising that hemp enthusiasts can’t wait to try this compound out for themselves.

One thing that is true for all cannabinoids, delta 10 included, is that the effects we experience are dose-dependent.  In other words, how much we take of a delta 10 product determines the experience that we end up having.  What makes things a little more complicated is the fact that delta-10, like other hemp products, come in various milligram strengths, so this acts as yet another factor that must be carefully considered when starting up a new cannabinoid routine.

Fortunately, however, dosing guidelines pertaining to delta 10 are basically the same as those associated with cannabidiol as well as delta 8.  What this means is that those who already maintain a regimen with delta-8 or CBD do not have to learn an entirely new formula to determine how much they should take each day to get the results that they want.

Factors That Affect the Proper Milligram Strength and Dosage for an Individual

As we said, dosage and milligram strength have to be considered when starting a new regimen with delta 10 THC.  The dosage refers to the quantity of product that you take, such as one gummy, or a full milliliter of a tincture.  The milligram strength reflects the number of milligrams of delta 10 in a product, as determined by the manufacturer.  Therefore, the milligram strength of your delta 10 formula tells you how potent each dose will be.

Keep in mind that the milligram strength of a product can be presented in one of two ways.

  • Tells you the number of milligrams in each piece, like a capsule or a gummy,
  • Provides the total number of milligrams in the entire formula, like a tincture or a vape oil.

Now that you have a better understanding of the difference between dosage and milligram strength, and why each one is important, we can cover some factors that have a lot to do with how much delta 10 you should take.  Ultimately, these factors should be considered when choosing a milligram strength rather than a dosage amount, because most of us would rather take, say, one high-strength capsule than 4 low-strength capsules if we require higher amounts of delta 10 daily to get the satisfaction we’re looking for.

Factor #1: Your Endocannabinoid System

Scientists are still trying to figure out exactly why some of us have higher tolerances to the effects of cannabinoids than others, but it likely has to do with each individual’s endocannabinoid system.  Individuals have different amounts of cannabinoid receptors in their body, and it seems that the fewer cannabinoid receptors you have, the higher the number of cannabinoids you need to take each day to get the results that you desire.

We also know that weight plays a role, as we have seen that those who have a lower-than-average body weight tend to get the desired effects with lower-than-standard strengths/dosage amounts of delta 10, and all other cannabinoids for that matter.

Factor #2: The Delivery Method You Choose

Every delivery method, whether it be vaping, ingesting, sublingual administration, or even topical administration, allows delta 10 to absorb into the body in a unique way.  And, how cannabinoids absorb into the body have a lot to do with how effective they are.  Some tissue simply absorbs cannabinoids more efficiently than others.  For example, inhaling delta 10 is highly efficient, as the lung tissue absorbs cannabinoids very effectively.  This is why vaping delta 10 offers very fast-acting and potent effects compared to other methods.  It’s also why we technically require less delta 10 when vaping than we do when, say, ingesting the compound, to have a potent experience.

What that means is that more efficiently absorbing delivery methods allow us to get the results we want with less actual delta 10 consumption.  Therefore, each delivery method has its own ideal number of milligram strengths per dosage.

Factor #3: How High You Want to Get

Because delta 10 is intoxicating, people may be more cautious when choosing their strength and dosage.  With CBD, even high doses won’t lead to psychoactive effects, but with delta 10 THC, taking more than necessary can make a person feel too high, which can be inconvenient if they have to drive, go to work or engage in some other kind of responsibility.

Standard Delta 10 Dosage Per Delivery Method

Each delivery method comes with its own recommended dosage and milligram strength amount, which is a general guideline based on what suits most users.  This guide can help you figure out how much to take as a beginner.


Delta 10 tinctures are extremely easy to dose out.  A full milliliter counts as a dose, and the dropper cap that comes with the bottle conveniently holds this amount.  The standard dose in terms of milligrams is 33 milligrams, and a 30ml 1000mg bottle precisely offers this amount.


Delta 10 capsules are ingested, and so they absorb through the digestive system.  This method does not absorb as efficiently as inhalable products, and so a bit higher of a strength or dosage amount is usually required to get the desired effects.  The average strength per dose with capsules is 10 to 25 milligrams, with 10 being a safer bet if you’re a beginner.  Most capsules contain 10 to 25mg per capsule, so that only one capsule is needed.


Like capsules, gummies and other edibles absorb through the digestive process, and 10 to 25 milligrams per dose is standard.  Again, companies usually make it so that each individual piece contains the standard number of milligrams, so that one gummy, for instance, gives you the perfect amount of delta 10.

Vaping Products

Vaping products like bottled vape oils, disposable devices and pre-filled vape cartridges all have the same dosing guidelines, which is 1 to 3 puffs per session.  Vaping goods absorb very easily into the body, as said earlier, and so you don’t need as many milligrams per session to get the results you want.

To figure out how many milligrams you’re vaping per puff, there is a simple formula that you can follow.  First, divide the number of milligram strengths in the product by the number of milliliters.

  • If you have a 1ml cartridge with a 500mg strength, then that’s 500 milligrams per milliliter. ‘
  • If you have a bottled vape oil containing 30ml with a 1000mg strength, that is 33 milligrams per milliliter.

Then, divide the milligrams per milliliter by 100, which, based on the example above, would be 5mg per puff with the cartridge, or 3.3mg per puff with the vape oil bottle.  This formula is based on the fact that each milliliter of e-liquid offers about 100 puffs.

Infused Flower

Flower infused with delta 10 extract doesn’t usually come according to the milligram strength, but rather the percentage of delta 10 in the total chemical composition of the flower.  1 to 3 puffs are standard for flower, as all inhalable products follow this dosing guideline.


Dabs, or concentrates, are very potent products that are not really ideal for beginners who have not yet developed a tolerance to the effects of delta 10 THC.  With dabs, 1 to 3 puffs are a standard dose, but the number of milligrams of delta 10 that you’re getting are much higher due to the high potency.  A lot of dabs on the market contain roughly 1000mg per gram, which can be at least twice as potent as most standard vape oils on the market.

Dosing with Delta 10 is Pretty Much the Same as Dosing with Other Cannabinoids

This is both in terms of the amount you take and the milligram strength.  These guidelines above can help you get started, but note that because everyone is unique, you may find that increasing or decreasing the amount of delta 10 you consume better suits your needs.  We suggest using delta-10 daily for 2 weeks before making any adjustments, as it can take the body this length of time to fully respond to the effects of the cannabinoid.

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