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Delta 8 THC May Help with Focus and Concentration

Is it true that Delta 8 THC May Help with Focus and Concentration?

Everyone’s talking about delta 8 THC, which is the latest and greatest cannabinoid to be isolated out of the hemp plant.  Delta 8 THC has a lot in common with delta 9 THC and behaves similarly to CBD in terms of how it is processed by the human body.  Yet, it may offer unique effects that separate it from other compounds in hemp, and many of these effects are only in the beginning stages of being researched due to how new delta 8 is.

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The Cognitive Center and How it Relates to Focus and Concentration

Focus and concentration are cognitive functions, which are carried out in the cognitive center of the brain that also plays a role in memory retention, motivation and mental stamina.  Our cognitive center relies on healthy neurological function to promote strong neural pathways that keep the brain energized and active, which allows us to maintain good levels of focus and concentration.


However, our cognitive function can decline due to a number of factors, with age being the primary one.  A staggering number of seniors develop dementia, which is a condition caused by cognitive decline.  Other factors can include poor sleep, emotional trauma, hormonal imbalances and dietary deficiencies, as proper nutrition is a major contributing factor to overall brain health.

Cannabinoids’ Effects on Cognition

So, where do cannabinoids like delta 8 factor in?  To understand this, we need to explore the unique nature of cannabinoids and their effects on the human body.  Cannabinoids are a class of compounds unique to cannabis, which includes the hemp plant and the marijuana plant.


CBD is the leading cannabinoid in hemp, and it’s been widely studied over the years for its effects on cognitive functions.  In fact, the findings have been so promising that researchers are considering its potential use for those who have dementia.


Cannabinoids work by being fed to the body’s endocannabinoid system, which distributes cannabinoids to various cannabinoid receptors located in the body’s systems.  Cannabinoid receptors are tasked with regulating tasks performed by these bodily systems in order to improve their overall function.  Cannabinoid receptors in the cognitive region of the brain naturally have the role of regulating cognitive functions including focus, concentration, and memory.

CBD vs. Delta 9 vs. Delta 8

We know that CBD may play a role in balancing focus and concentration, but what about delta 8 THC?  Delta 8 is a fairly newly discovered cannabinoid that results from degraded delta 9 THC, the leading cannabinoid in marijuana that’s responsible for psychoactive properties.  Delta 8, like delta 9, is psychoactive, and so it makes people high, but in a much more mild way, due to being the result of delta 9’s natural aging process.

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Delta 8 THC May Help with Focus and Concentration

Delta 8 may be best known for being the only legal psychoactive cannabinoid, but its fascinating nature doesn’t stop there.  It binds with CB1 receptors in the nervous system that play a role in the functions of the brain, and it binds with them twice while CBD only binds with them once.  This gives researchers reason to believe that the general properties of delta 8 are particularly strong and noticeable.


As of now, there have not been any studies on delta 8’s effects as they relate to cognition, including focus and concentration.  This means that we can only share what we know about delta 9, as their effects are similar enough to give us some insight into delta 8’s potential, with delta 8 again being a milder form of delta 9.


We know that there’s an association between marijuana use and forgetfulness, which would imply some level of cognitive impairment that results from using THC.  But, interestingly, a growing number of medical marijuana users are ADHD sufferers who have found that the dominant compound helps them focus more effectively.  This gives us reason to believe that delta 8 THC does have the potential to help with these cognitive functions.


Also, many delta-8 users have reported that unlike delta 9, this cannabinoid helps them feel more clear-minded and focused, rather than feeling completely out of it.

Other Cannabinoids and Hemp Compounds May Help

It’s possible that the potential that delta 8 has to help with focus and concentration can be maximized when the compound is taken alongside others that naturally occur in hemp, and this is because of the synergistic nature of the plant.  Taking delta 8 with a combination of CBD and specific terpenes known for energizing effects may give you a better chance of finding the level of concentration that you’re looking for.

Strain Typr Matters

Also, if you’re going to go for a delta 8 product that comes in a variety of terpene profiles, or strains, you’ll want to seek out a sativa option.  Sativa strains are known for being more energizing, while indica strains are more sedating.  The more energizing the strain, the stronger the stimulant effects it has on cognition, which can directly improve concentration levels.

Quantity Makes a Difference

How much delta 8 you take may also play a role.  We know that uniquely high doses can make a person feel groggy and out of it, which is why you might want to consider limiting your dosage if concentration and focus are your particular goals.

Timing is Everything

If you need to boost concentration for a specific task, such as working out or studying for a test, you’ll want to time your delta8 dosage so that it peaks when you want it to.

A Potential New Way to Increase Focus and Concentration

Delta 8 is still a relatively unknown cannabinoid compared to CBD, but researchers are eagerly exploring its effects, including those that pertain to focus and concentration.  This means that we cannot yet say whether or not it helps with focus and concentration, as we do not have any peer-reviewed literature to support such claims.  But, given what we know about hemp as a whole, the cannabinoid may help regulate the cognitive center of the brain which deals directly with our concentration and focus levels.


So, if you’ve been struggling to focus lately, you might want to give delta 8 THC a try.


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