About Revelry

Revelry Cases offer a comprehensive storage solution for outdoor enthusiasts and connoisseurs of fragile glass pieces, such as bongs, rigs, and glass pipes. These cases are a product of Revelry Supply, a well-known and reputable hard case manufacturer in the United States. The Revelry Scout series, including the hard case green version, is especially popular among those seeking durable and protective storage for their precious cargo.

One of the standout features of Revelry Cases is their unique protective foam inserts. These custom protective linings are designed to cradle your glass pieces, providing complete smell isolation and ensuring their safety during transport. The extra space and extra depth in these cases allow you to store not only your glass pieces but also related products like water pumps, hydro trays, and growing accessories. This extra room is a boon for hydroponic growers who need a secure and odor-resistant storage solution for their irrigation supplies and equipment. The interior dimensions of Revelry Cases are meticulously crafted to accommodate a large selection of items. Whether you have a collection of bongs or a variety of concentrate rigs, these cases offer a snug fit that prevents movement and potential damage during transit. The heavy-duty storage case is constructed from durable fibreglass, ensuring the durability of your case even in challenging outdoor environments. The hinged carrying handle of Revelry Cases makes them easy to transport, and the exterior is designed to withstand rough handling. This is particularly valuable for those who enjoy revelry in the great outdoors, as it provides peace of mind knowing that your glassware and accessories are well-protected. Additionally, the Scout Case in the Revelry series is a mini-broker for your gear, making it a convenient choice for those on the go. In terms of customer satisfaction, Revelry Cases offer a hassle-free shopping experience. Customers can check out with popular brands like American Express, and returns are straightforward if needed. When it comes to keeping your unique pieces safe and secure, Revelry Cases stand as an exceptional choice, offering both style and substance for those who value their revelry-related products.

Facts about Revelry

Facts about Revelry Cases shed light on the innovative features provided by Revelry Supply, a leading brand that specializes in crafting high-quality accessories for outdoor enthusiasts, including cannabis connoisseurs. The Revelry Scout and Drifter series, among others, exemplify the brand's commitment to creating products that meet the needs of revelers and adventurers alike.
One of the standout Revelry cases is their superior smell-proof technology. These cases utilize a custom protective lining and a three-layered filtration system, which includes synthetic filters and a heavy-duty rubber backing. This odor containment technology ensures that unwanted odors from cannabis or other contents are effectively sealed within the case, making it an ideal solution for those who require discretion during their outdoor escapades. Revelry Supply's dedication to accessibility is evident through their Accessibly App and website content. The app features, such as alt descriptions and increased accessibility standards like Level A, Level AA, and even Level AAA compliance, make it easier for users, including those with disabilities, to navigate and shop on their platform. This commitment to accessibility extends to their products, as seen in the user-friendly design of the Revelry Bag series, like the Escort Backpack, where clean aesthetics meet practicality. Durability is a cornerstone of Revelry products, backed by their quality materials and construction. The hard cases, equipped with a waterproof zipper and a level of protection ranging from Level A to Level AAA, ensure that your gear remains safe even in challenging environments. This focus on quality is akin to the meticulous process of crafting a fine wine, akin to the attention to detail given to Revelry cases, reminiscent of the careful fermentation of Cabernet Franc. Additionally, Revelry Supply offers exclusive deals and perks, making them an appealing choice for both new customers and loyal patrons. This customer-oriented approach extends to their exceptional customer service, ensuring that shoppers have a seamless experience from purchase to post-sale support. With Revelry cases in mind, it's clear that Revelry Supply has established itself as a leader in creating versatile, durable, and stylish gear for outdoor enthusiasts, embodying the spirit of adventure and revelry in every product they offer.