Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
December 16, 2020

As the delta 8 THC market continues to rapidly grow, it is becoming clear that the most popular means for consuming the compound is vaping it. Inhaling delta8 into the lungs seems to offer the strongest effects while making it easier to be completely in control of our dosing. Also, the delta-8 industry offers a rich array of high-quality vaping products that each satisfy our desires for this compound in a distinctive way.

Those who might be new to the delta 8 scene and have an interest in joining the many others who are vaping this compound, you have come to the right place.

This post is intended as information and for general knowledge only. It is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional before introducing cannabinoids into your daily routine, especially if you have been diagnosed with any medical conditions or are under any medication. It is not recommended to drive or operate any machinery when using cannabis- or hemp-derived products. Use responsibly!

What Happens When We Vape with Delta 8 THC?

First, let’s talk about vaping as a delivery method unique from other ones like edibles and tinctures.

Whenever we inhale a cannabinoid, it absorbs quickly into the body and in a uniquely potent manner. This delivery method is known for offering high levels of bioavailability. Vaping delta 8 THC is different from vaping CBD. The most obvious difference is that delta8 will get you high, while cannabidiol will not. But there are also differences in the onset time and duration of effects.

Vaping CBD allows the effects of the cannabinoid to peak within a couple of minutes and wear off in about an hour or so.

Vaping delta 8 could take a little longer to fully peak in the body, which can be 30 minutes or so after your first exhale, and the effects can go on for up to 4 hours depending on how much you vaped in one sitting.

This is one reason why companies always stress that beginners should start with one puff. Because it is psychoactive, vapers need to be careful not to start off with too much, or else they can get higher than they had intended due to low tolerance.

Different Ways to Vape Delta8

Now, let’s talk about the unique methods for vaping delta 8, and how to execute them properly.

Bottled Vape Oil

Bottled delta 8 vape oil, also known as e-liquid, is for a device/system that has a refillable tank or cartridge. Each milliliter contains about 100 puffs, and most bottles come in a 30ml bottle. To determine the number of milligrams of delta 8 per puff, simply divide the number of milligrams total by the number of puffs, which is the number of milliliters times 100.

You are going to need to make sure that you have a vaping device compatible with bottled delta8 e-juice. Also, that said the manufacturer of the specific vape oil should state which types of devices are compatible with their product.

Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges, commonly referred to as “carts,” are probably the most popular type of delta 8 vaping product due to how easy they are to use and how reliable they are. These are glass cartridges pre-filled with delta8 vape liquid and are totally disposable. They attach to a designated THC vape pen that has the right wattage or voltage level for the delta-8 compound, ensuring that it offers the full spectrum of effects when fired without burning.

Delta 8 carts come in a wide range of strengths, chemical compositions, and strains, so explore what is available as each one can affect you in a different manner. Also, make sure that you have a vape device that is compatible with a cart, as it requires a 510-threaded connection and the right output level for THC.

The same formula we used above to determine the number of milligrams per puff applies with carts, which are usually sold in 0.5 or 1ml sizes. One to three puffs are considered to be a standard dose, with one being ideal for beginners.

Disposable Devices

Disposable devices are the most user-friendly option, as they come fully charged, filled with vape oil, and assembled, and do not require any maintenance. The battery should last for as long as the e-liquid does, and when the liquid does run out, you simply throw the whole setup out and grab a new one. Disposables come in various strengths, flavors, and strains. Plus, they are extremely portable.

Using a disposable device is actually quite easy. They are buttonless and do not require any kind of preparation. Simply take the unit out of the packaging and pull on the mouthpiece to take a hit. Again, one to three puffs is a standard amount to vape.

Note: Disposable devices can vary in terms of quality and reliability based on how they are made. Occasionally, some vapers may even end up with a disposable device that does not work. If your disposable device is not producing vapor, you will need to contact the manufacturer and ask for a replacement. In most cases, one should be provided free of charge.


Delta 8 flower is quite different from other types of vaping products. It is technically the raw buds of the hemp plant that are infused with delta8 distillate or isolate. This means that every draw gives you the full chemical composition of hemp with delta8 added. We are now finding that there is a good chance this option’s the least likely to produce feelings of anxiety from getting “too high,” as the high level of cannabidiol may counteract these effects of THC.

Flower is often smoked, but vaping it is becoming increasingly popular.

To vape flowers, you are going to need a special type of device, as you cannot just insert the buds into any vaping system. Luckily, it is pretty easy to find high-quality flower vape pens that vaporize the product perfectly for smooth and delta8-rich puffs.

Note: When using these pen-style devices, their chamber is where the flower goes into. As you fill it, make sure to not go over the fill line (basically overfill). Doing so could cause the flower to burn, hence vaping burnt flower.

What to Look for in a Delta 8 Vaping Product

Delta 8 Cannabis Vape

Now that you know how to vape each type of delta8 vaping product, let’s go over some things you should look for in a particular product.

Clean Ingredients

This should always be a priority. Never vape a delta 8 product that contains Vitamin E, as this can damage the lungs. Stick to vapes that have a few ingredients that are known to be safe to inhale.

Desirable Strength

Delta 8 vapes come in various strengths, so choose one based on your tolerance to delta8 THC and how high you would like to feel after using it.

A Preferable Chemical Composition

Some vapes contain just pure delta 8 extract, while others combine it with blends of terpenes or other cannabinoids. Use your experience with hemp to determine which compounds you are seeking out and take notice of the compounds that can work with delta-8 synergistically to offset the high or enhance certain properties. For instance, there is reason to believe that combining delta8 with CBD promotes specific mood benefits.

Evidence of Lab-Testing

Always buy your delta 8 vaping good from a company that has their hemp lab-tested by a third party. This way, you can access unbiased information relating to the quality of the delta 8 that the company uses.


Overall, Delta 8 Vaping Allows for Faster and More Potent Effects than Other Methods . The specifics of your experience, however, depend on the type of vape-based product selected, as there are numerous options on the market, both in terms of the forms that they come in and unique qualities, such as chemical composition and strength.  Therefore, use this information to choose the best delta-8 vaping product(s) according to your preferences and the goals that you have in mind.