Top 10 Funniest Weed Movies

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
January 19, 2021
Weed Movies Top-10 Funniest
Weed Movies Top-10 Funniest

We’ve compiled a list of some of the funniest weed movies. Over the last few decades, the stoner comedy has evolved.  What was once a highly controversial topic may no longer cause an uproar, but weed movies still make us laugh in ways that other types of comedies just can’t.

The genre of stoner films began arguably in the late 70s, when Cheech and Chong first hit the scene.  The baton was passed over the coming years, with some of the greatest comedy legends making films that centered largely around cannabis.  Today, we will pay tribute to the most iconic stoner comedies of all time that still make us laugh to this day, oftentimes when we have our bowl in hand.

Before we get to out top 10 movies, an honorable mention would be the 2001 stoner film comedy How High, starring Method Man and Redman.

Funniest Weed Movies 

#1: Up in Smoke

Of course, the pioneer in this genre is Up in Smoke, released in 1978 and starring comedy duo Cheech and Chong.  It was their first film and launched a career that was successful through the next decade.  It was also a profoundly popular movie, earning over $104 million at the box office.

Up in Smoke revolves around two stoner buddies who try to obtain marijuana without getting into trouble with the law.  The laughs in the film still holds up today, and the other Cheech and Chong films are also great examples of stoner comedy at its best.

#2: Half Baked

In 1998, Dave Chappelle’s Half Baked was released, and a cult classic was born.  The film is set in New York City, about three friends who smoke a mutant strain, which results in them starting a weed business.  The outlandish nature of the film, which fans will argue is always better when you are high, has made this a highly rewatchable choice, and diehard Chappelle fans love seeing him as a younger comedian who was just starting out.  Half Baked is largely considered to be a very influential movie for stoner films to come.

#3: Pineapple Express

Ten years after Half Baked paved way for the genre, Pineapple Express was released, starring Seth Rogen, James Franco, David McBride, and a never-ending list of costars including legends like Ed Begley Jr. and Rosie Perez.  The film revolves around the mystique behind the namesake strain.  The buddies enjoy the strain from their dealer, and shortly after, witness a drug-related crime that ultimately takes them on a long and winding journey through the treacherous world of drug lords, with comedy being woven into each and every scene.

#4: Friday

Friday, released in 1995, is yet another cult classic, and a highly quotable movie over 25 years after its release.  Starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, the plot of the movie revolves around two unemployed stoner buddies who urgently need to pay their dealer before Friday, and their lofty attempts to obtain the money that is necessary.  The film was also noted for offering a positive portrayal of life in the hood in the 1990s, as many films with the same setting released prior to Friday focused solely on the dangers of gang life.  Friday continues to bring together stoners of multiple generations due to the fact that it’s just that funny.

#5: True Romance

True Romance’s qualifications as a stoner film may be questionable, but it’s hard to resist putting this movie on our list, largely thanks to Brad Pitt’s portrayal as the ultimate pothead, which is still one of the best depictions ever on screen.  Tarantino’s 1993 classic starts Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater as a new couple on the run, trying to escape Arquette’s former pimp after stealing his drug supply.  Throughout the film, we are treated to scenes of Pitt showing his knack for comedy, portraying ultimate stonerhood in ways that are too funny to put into words.

#6: Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle remains one of the most quoted stoner films of all time, and many have a hard time believing that it’s already been 17 years since its release.  The film is about two stoners who have a craving for White Castle after seeing a TV ad, and allow nothing to stop them from getting there, even as they endure one outrageous obstacle after the other.  They roam around New Jersey for an entire night, encountering everything from a crazed Neil Patrick Harris to racist police officers, before finally sinking their teeth into that luscious fast-food delicacy.

#7: Dazed and Confused

Released in 1993, Dazed and Confused is considered one of the ultimate high school teen movies of all time.  It takes place in 1976, on the last day of school for a group of teenagers played by beloved actors including Ben Affleck, Parker Posey, Milla Jovovich Matthew McConaughey, and Adam Goldberg.  The film, while being a comedy, touches on important teen issues while showing some pretty legendary scenes of teenagers doing what they loved in the 70s, which were partying and getting high.

#8: Dude, Where’s My Car?

Anyone who was above preteen age in 2000 remembers the release of Dude, Where’s My Car, which starred Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott, and followed a completely ridiculous but very watchable plotline about two guys who can’t remember where they parked their car the night before due to partying too hard.  The guys are obvious stoners, and the shenanigans that they encounter along the way of searching for their car is a fresh take on some tried-and-true comedy tropes.

#9: This is the End

After the success of Pineapple Express, James Franco, Seth Rogen and Danny McBride teamed up to release This is the End, a unique take on an end-of-the-world film with nothing but comedy throughout the entire movie.  Cameos from everyone from Rihanna to Emma Roberts make the film full of surprises, while the team of stoner buddies try to reconcile their fears about the emerging apocalypse with weed, among other comforts.

#10: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

We know, we know.  Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure may be a controversial addition, because to this day, Keanu Reeves maintains that neither Bill nor Ted was a stoner.  However, the film clearly struck a chord with potheads at the time of its release, and it is hard to deny that the two main characters did not behave and speak like they were high throughout the movie.  Released in 1989, this sci-fi comedy maintains a cult classic status, thanks to the performances of both Keanu and Alex Winter, not to mention an unforgettable performance from George Carlin.

No Matter How High, We Cannot Forget These Awesome Movies

Whether you believe that the best stoner movies came out in the 1980s, 90s, 2000s or 2010s, it’s hard to deny that this genre has brought endless laughs to smokers and non-smokers over the years.  These films capture what we love about the genre, with great casts and even better plotlines that revolve around one of everyone’s favorite topics.