Is Delta 8 Legal in Wisconsin?

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
January 4, 2023
Delta 8 Legal, Delta 8 THC, Delta 8, Delta 8 Products, Wisconsin
Delta 8 Legal, Delta 8 THC, Delta 8, Delta 8 Products, Wisconsin

The latest addition to the hemp market is delta 8 THC, a minor cannabinoid that sits alongside CBD (cannabidiol) in only a trace amount.  Delta 8 has been isolated in a way that allows us to produce formulas with concentrated amounts of the cannabinoid, thus launching a submarket that caters to those looking to get a little more out of hemp.  So, not to bore you, but we will be covering the question on a lot of residents’ minds there: is delta 8 legal in Wisconsin, plus how to buy delta 8 in the state, since citizens of places like Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay and other areas of the state are eager to give it a try.

Delta 8 THC is protected under federal law, because it’s a hemp-derived cannabinoid, which complies with federal law since 2018.  Federal law states that all hemp products are legal as long as they contain a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC.  Therefore, delta-8 is fully legal, and Wisconsin adheres to federal law when it comes to the hemp plant.

Some states have restricted delta 8 usage in one way or another, but WI has liberal laws when it comes to the cannabinoid.  There are no restrictions regarding how much you can purchase at one time, how strong a product can be, or the formula in which the cannabinoid is present.  This allows residents to freely explore the compound as they so desire.

What Types of Delta 8 THC Products are Available to Me?

Now that you know that delta 8 THC is legal in Wisconsin, let’s go over the most popular ways to consume the cannabinoid.  We will cover the most common product types, which will help you figure out how you’d like to maintain a routine with delta-8.

  • Vape Cartridges: Pre-filled e-liquid cartridges containing delta-8 extract. They are compatible with standard vape pen devices used for hemp oils.  They come in many strains and strengths and are replaceable.
  • Disposable Vape Pens: Great for beginners as they require no maintenance, and the battery never needs to be recharged. They’re also available in a variety of milligram strengths and strains.
  • Tinctures: Absorb through the sublingual tissue beneath the tongue, and are easy to take due to the fact that they come with a dropper cap. They come in many concentrations and flavor options.
  • Edibles: Offer very long-lasting effects and are available in various flavors and potency levels.
  • Capsules: Encapsulate the delta-8 extract for easy absorption via the digestive system. Even promote long-lasting effects and come in different strengths.
  • Dabs: Concentrates that are high in potency and inhaled via a dabbing device that either allows the user to smoke or vape the product.
  • Flower CBD flower that is infused with a delta-8 extract for a more potent delta 8 experience. Choose between pre-rolls and loose buds and select various strains.
  • Topicals: Absorb into the muscles and joints through the skin and are not psychoactive.

Where Can I Buy Delta 8 in Wisconsin?

Here is where we can cover best options for buying delta 8 THC in Wisconsin.  You can either purchase it in-person or shop for it online, with the latter being the better option for these reasons.

More Selection

Buying delta 8 online gives you access to a larger selection of products.  This is ideal as it gives you the ability to really customize your routine based on your most precise needs and goals with delta-8.

Better Prices

Online companies tend to sell their products at lower prices, and this is the direct result of not having to make up for high overhead costs associated with running a physical store.

Higher Standards

Usually, online companies have higher quality standards because they have customers that are more knowledgeable when it comes to the hemp plant, and because the online delta 8 marketplace is incredibly competitive.

Amazing Discounts and Special Offers

Online retailers typically offer great discounts and special offers on a frequent basis to attract new customers, and you can take advantage of this in order to save lots of money.

Fresher Inventory

A lot of times, you will find that delta 8 products sold online are fresher, and this is because these companies have faster product turnover rates as they have wider customer bases.

Bulk Buying Options

Buying delta 8 online lets you buy in bulk while saving money, and this is because online companies hold a lot more inventory at one time.

Incredible Convenience

Shopping for delta 8 online is the more convenient option of the two, since you do not need to step foot outside your door to access the full range of products that are available.

Why In-Person Shopping May Not Be Ideal

While it is true that some stores in your area may carry a small selection of delta 8 products, you may want to think twice before making a purchase in person.  Stores that may have delta-8, such as gas stations and similar types of businesses, are not focused on selling only top-quality delta8, and they lack the knowledge of hemp to really know whether or not they are selling the best products out there.

Beyond that, the products may not be as fresh as you’d like due to low demand locally, and you may end up with a limited selection that leaves you disappointed.

Grab Some Delta 8 in the Cheddar State Today!

Since delta 8 THC is a legal cannabinoid in Wisconsin, you can explore the various products in which it comes so that you can craft a totally personalized routine based on your goals.  If you’re going to shop for delta 8 products as a WI resident, we recommend looking for quality products online to ensure that you have the experience that you deserve.

Keep in mind, that not only is delta 8 THC a legalized cannabinoid, but so are other hemp derivatives such as hemp-derived delta 9 THCdelta 10 THC, THC-O, THC-VTHC-PHHC, etc. in the state of Wisconsin.