Is Weed Delivery Legal in Arizona?

January 18, 2023
Weed Delivery, Weed Delivery Legal, Weed Services, Arizona
Weed Delivery, Weed Delivery Legal, Weed Services, Arizona

In the last decade, marijuana legalization has been transforming rapidly across the country, with several states allowing it to be used either medicinally or recreationally after years of strict criminalization.  One state that has become more cannabis-friendly in the last 10 years is Arizona, where a growing cannabis market has proven to be hugely successful.  So, you may be wondering then, is weed delivery legal in Arizona, like other states with more lenient cannabis laws?

What is Weed Delivery?

Generally speaking, weed delivery is a service in which a cannabis user can select marijuana products online via a website and have them delivered to their homes.  The concept is really no different from ordering a pizza, or having your medications delivered through a pharmacy.

Each state that permits a weed delivery program has its own unique laws and restrictions, including how much can be purchased at one time, and whether or not third-party delivery services can exist, or if the delivery process must be done solely through individual dispensaries.  Also, some states permit marijuana for recreational use, while others require that an individual has a medical card.  For states that only allow medicinal use, the checkout process involves verifying one’s medical marijuana card before completing a purchase.

Weed delivery is certainly a convenient way to acquire cannabis.  Not everyone has time during their busy day to visit a dispensary, which may or may not even be in their neighborhood.  But, beyond that, weed delivery services an important role in providing easy access to marijuana to individuals who are immobile or otherwise unable to leave their homes.

Is Weed Delivery Legal in Arizona?

In the state of Arizona, medicinal marijuana programs have existed since 2010, and only this year has recreational adult use been added to the state law.  The law states that you must be 21 or older to purchase marijuana and can only purchase up to an ounce of flower or up to 5 grams of concentrates.

So, what about delivery?

Well, delivery for medical patients has been legal for some time, and the state allows dispensaries to decide whether or not they will deliver marijuana to these individuals.  The state does require that a patient ordering weed for delivery shows proof that they have a prescription, and this is handled by the dispensaries themselves.  As of now, weed delivery is not available for recreational users, despite recreational use being legal.  The state will be developing laws for recreational weed delivery in 2023 and hope to be able to enact these laws by 2025.

But what is the holdup then?

Well, state lawmakers want to ensure that the process is both safe and legal, ensuring that only those 21 or older are able to take advantage of this type of service, and will likely come up with purchase limits, like they have for those buying weed directly from local dispensaries.

What is the Delivery Process Like?

Right now, if you do have a medical card, the process for having weed delivered to you is pretty straightforward.

  1. You can find your local dispensary’s website online, and make sure that they have a delivery option, as it should be pointed out that not all local businesses have the resources to provide a delivery service.
  2. When you do find a business that does, fill up the cart with the products that you want to purchase, within state limits of purchase amounts.
  3. You will likely be required to provide proof of a medical card at the time of purchase, along with your contact information and home address.
  4. From there, it will likely take within 3 hours for your purchase to arrive. Upon purchase, you should be given an estimate of when to expect your order, and it will largely reflect current traffic in your area.
  5. You may be required to show your card again at the door, although current COVID restrictions may work around this to provide a no-contact delivery method.

Is Weed Delivery Safe?

By and large, weed delivery in Arizona is safe.  If you’re ordering from a licensed dispensary, then you can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to receive safe and legitimate products.  To be a dispensary in Arizona, a business must verify with the state that they are selling legal, safe products that are held to the specific standards for quality.  Products sold in dispensaries are subjected to third-party testing to verify that they are genuine and unlikely to cause any kind of harm.

The process of having weed delivered to your home is also regulated by the state government, who makes sure that the drivers are licensed to carry marijuana, and that they follow all of the laws in place for the delivery industry as a whole.

Is Weed Delivery Expensive?

Weed delivery is likely going to cost a bit more than buying cannabis directly in a store, and this is to cover the transportation fee and resources for the business.  Delivery fees will vary based on the business, just like ordering food for delivery from different restaurants in your area.  Marijuana is taxed here, and for good reason, as it permits the state to continue allotting resources to ensuring that products are made according to strict regulations that keep you as safe as possible.

Get Your Weed Delivered in The Grand Canyon State

From Tempe to Phoenix, weed delivery is only available for medical patients as of now and requires proof of a medical card.  However, we anticipate that in the coming months or years, recreational delivery will also be widely available throughout the state, as it is becoming in other states across the country.  We recommend that you follow state laws closely to find out how the cannabis delivery market is evolving to help more marijuana users throughout different parts of this state, as well as the laws of your municipality.