Is Weed Delivery Legal in New York?

June 13, 2021
Weed Delivery, New York, Legal, State
Weed Delivery, New York, Legal, State

Weed delivery is proving to be hugely popular in states like California and Colorado, where residents can enjoy the convenience of having their go-to marijuana products sent directly to their homes.  This service though, does not exist in every state, at least not yet.  Yes, some states have legalized cannabis so recently in fact, that the specifics have not been ironed out fully.  But, what if you’re a New Yorker who is curious about getting weed delivered to your home in NYC, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Syracuse, or even Buffalo in a legal manner?


Well, we will cover weed delivery in New York, such as going over its general legality and how much can actually be purchased, in order to know whether or not you can enjoy this service like other cannabis users around the country can.

What is Weed Delivery?

Weed delivery is a service available in some states that have legalized marijuana.  The concept is simple: you place an order for cannabis online based on what is available at local dispensaries, and wait for, usually, a couple of hours before it shows up at your door.  Weed delivery is done through government-registered dispensaries so that you can count on receiving only high-quality, legally compliant cannabis products.


Some states that offer weed delivery may only permit this option among medical patients with a marijuana prescription, thus requiring a medical card during the process.  Also, some states may have strict laws about when you can order for delivery, or how much product you can order at one time.


Weed delivery is not just a convenient choice for cannabis lovers who don’t want to drive to their nearest dispensary.  A lot of medical patients are disabled and use marijuana to cope with their symptoms.  Weed delivery allows these patients to receive their cannabis products without having to leave their homes.

Is it Legal to Have Weed Delivered in New York?

New York was one of several states to finally permit recreational adult use of cannabis, which most residents saw coming as the state had gotten more and more lax about enforcing marijuana laws in the years prior.  This state is currently working out its framework for how cannabis businesses may operate in terms of providing products to recreational customers, as before this year, only those with a medical license were permitted to purchase from dispensaries.


What this means is that the state is also working on delivery laws and plans to offer businesses a clear and simple way to profit off of providing delivery to recreational adult cannabis users.  Not only is the state presently drawing up legislation for dispensaries to deliver directly to local customers but is also developing laws as we speak that would allow independent delivery businesses to exist, much like the popular Door Dash and Uber Eats models, with up to 25 employees who aggregate various cannabis products throughout local regions so that customers have more choices upon purchase.


Of course, one major stipulation is that customers will be required to prove that they are 21 at the time of purchase and delivery, with a state-registered ID.

What is the Delivery Process Like?

Once weed delivery goes into effect throughout the state, legislators and dispensaries will work together to make the process as safe and smooth as possible for customers.  Keep in mind that not every dispensary may offer a delivery option, but those that do will have a streamlined online ordering process set up just like any online retailer.


  1. First, find a dispensary that will deliver.
  2. Then, select the items you want to buy and add them to your cart.
  3. Once your cart has the items you want, within legal purchase limits, follow a standard checkout process that will require some form of age verification, as you must be at least 21 to order weed online. You’ll provide your home address for delivery, along with a means for contacting you.
  4. An estimated delivery time window will be provided so that you can know when to expect to receive your order. From there, you can simply sit back and wait for the cannabis to come directly to your door.
  5. Once it does arrive, you will likely need to show your ID again to verify that it was you who placed the order.


Note: Once recreational delivery goes into effect, it is unlikely that medical patients will need to provide a medical ID, unless the state decides to have different purchase limits based on medical status or lack thereof.

Is Weed Delivery Safe?

We know that some customers may be apprehensive about ordering cannabis online, worried that they will accidentally end up with black market products from unverified businesses.  But rest assured that NY legislators will ensure that the market is completely valid and legitimate, with strict regulations in place that require the sales of only registered products from licensed companies, via state-registered dispensaries.  Therefore, as long as you purchase from a legitimate dispensary in your area, you will be fine.

Is Weed Delivery Expensive?

We do not yet know what the taxes and delivery fees will be for purchasing cannabis via an online delivery service.  Recreational marijuana is so new to the state that taxes and other fees have not yet been established.  What we can say is that the higher cost is worth it, as you can rest assured that you’re only purchasing a product that is genuine and has been proven to be safe under strict testing regulations set forth by state law.


Of course, in almost all cases, it does cost more to have a product delivered than it does to pick it up in a store due to transportation fees, and each dispensary will likely have their own delivery charges.

The Big Apple is Starting to Expand in Weed Delivery Services

Weed delivery is coming to New York, on the cuff of recent, drastic changes in cannabis laws throughout the state.  This means that it won’t be long before you can enjoy the convenience of simply filling up a shopping cart online and waiting for your favorite marijuana products to come to you.  In the meantime, stay up to date with state and local laws to find out when this will be available to you.