Where to Buy CBD Flower in Arkansas

April 3, 2021
Where to Buy CBD Flower in Arkansas, State, Legal
Where to Buy CBD Flower in Arkansas, State, Legal

As cannabidiol (CBD) continues to grow in popularity due to a booming hemp market, we are finding that a lot of Arkansas residents are beginning to take a keen interest in exploring the many properties of the hemp plant, from which CBD is derived.  Today’s market offers a wide array of quality products including gummies, tinctures and vapes that are all made with hemp extracts.  However, there is another type of hemp product beginning to gain traction- CBD flower.


Known also as CBD buds, hemp buds, or hemp flower, it’s nothing but the raw, pure buds of the hemp plant, where we find a rich array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other desirable cannabinoids, including a naturally high level of cannabidiol.  Often smoked or vaporized, it is completely unprocessed, thus its great appeal.


For any Arkansans wondering where to find high-quality flower products, as well as what different kinds of flower products even exist, no matter if they live in places like Little Rock or Hot Springs, then you have come to the right place.

Is CBD Flower Legal in Arkansas?

Many people in Arkansas may be hesitant to try CBD flower because they are concerned about whether or not this type of product is actually legal.  We know that laws on hemp can be confusing from state to state, as some states have banned the use of particular types of hemp products, and because state laws seem to change without warning from time to time.


Ultimately, CBD flower is legal throughout Arkansas, as they adhere to federal law (2018 Farm Bill) when it comes to this product, which determined that hemp and all of its derivatives could be used legally as long as they contain a maximum of 0.3% THC.


CBD flower is therefore permitted throughout Arkansas just like all types of CBD products, as the state is quite open to the hemp plant and does not restrict the use of any particular types of products.  Can only be sold in the state if it has 0.3% THC or below, and this is the amount naturally present in the hemp plant anyway.

Is There a Legal Possession Limit in Arkansas?

There are no laws that determine how much CBD flower a person can possess at any given time.  Therefore, residents can buy as much flower product as they would like at once without risk of legal trouble.

What Kinds of CBD Flower are Available in Arkansas?

Throughout Arkansas, residents can find all kinds of unique flower products.  However, it is important to know what is available so that you can choose a product that’s the most likely to suit your specific needs.


Enthusiasts can choose from a rich array of hemp strains when shopping for flower.  The strain refers to the distinctive breed of the plant, which has its own specific terpene profile, thus offering its own unique variety of properties.  Strains can vary in terms of the effects that they provide, which is why being able to choose from various strains is beneficial to those seeking out hemp.

Loose Buds and Pre-Rolls

CBD flower can be purchased in both loose bud and pre-roll form.

  • Loose buds are just whole hemp buds that can be smoked, vaporized, cooked with or turned into an extract.
  • Pre-rolls take the whole buds and grind them before rolling them up in paper, which is a convenient way to smoke the flower.

What to Look for in CBD Flower

Understanding different types of CBD flower products that are available out there is one thing but how to know whether or not you are getting a quality product that’s genuine and capable of suiting your needs is another.

#1: Lab Reports

It has has become standard practice for companies that sell hemp-based products to provide lab reports to customers.  These lab reports come from a third-party testing facility that is licensed with the state, and their job is to analyze the hemp carefully to provide unbiased information pertaining to quality, purity, chemical composition and more.  Always look for lab reports before making a CBD flower purchase.

#2: Freshness

CBD flower should always be as fresh as possible.  As it sits, the compounds start to degrade and so the flower can eventually lose its potency as well as its flavor.  CBD flower is fresh for about 6 months.  Buying from a trusted company with a good reputation is the best way to avoid ending up with expired hemp.

#3: Transparency

Any company selling hemp flower should strive to be as transparent as possible about their products.  Make sure that the company is clear about where the hemp is grown and whether or not it’s grown organically.  Any company that withholds this information should be avoided.

#4: A Legal Product

Remember that while hemp is legal, marijuana remains illegal in the state of Arkansas.  CBD flower looks and smells just like marijuana, so it’s crucial that you buy from a legitimate source to avoid ending up with an illegal product by mistake.

Where to Buy CBD Flower in Arkansas

When the time comes to buy CBD flower, it’s important that you choose a trustworthy source.  Here are places where you can find genuine, lab-tested flower.

Vape Shops

Some vape shops in your area may carry CBD flower, but bear in mind that usually the selection of products is exceedingly small because these businesses specialize in non-CBD products.


Buying CBD flower online is the better way to go, for numerous reasons.  Online retailers offer more affordable products thanks to lower overhead costs, and the quality and freshness tend to be superior because demand in the online marketplace is quite high.  Further, online retailers offer wide selections of strains compared to physical stores.

Where Not to Buy CBD Flower in Arkansas

Now, we need to discuss the places to avoid when shopping for CBD flower.

#1: Gas Stations

Local gas stations and convenience stores may carry flower products, but you should not buy from these locations.  They are unlikely to have the high-quality standards that you expect, and the products may have been sitting on shelves for a while due to low demand.

#2: Unlicensed Businesses

Do not buy CBD from an unlicensed vendor, such as one that sells via Craigslist or social media in your area.  To sell CBD flower legally, one must obtain a license, which proves that they adhere to local laws and sell genuine product.

#3: Third-Party Online Vendors

Third-party vendor outlets like Amazon do not allow CBD flower to be sold, but sometimes vendors sneak past these rules.  These places are infamous for carrying fake products and should be avoided at all costs.

Enjoy CBD Flower in The Natural State

Arkansawyers who have been interested in giving CBD flower a try are simply in luck as it’s perfectly legal throughout the state, and easier to find than ever before in a wide array of strains and forms.  Therefore, you can check out the above approved sources to find a flower product personalized to suit your specific goals and needs, and enjoy cannabidiol in its rawest, purest, and most versatile form of all.