Where to Buy CBD Flower in North Carolina

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
November 19, 2020
Weed North Carolina Buy CBD
Weed North Carolina Buy CBD

Can I Buy CBD Flower in North Carolina?

There’s no doubt that the hemp industry is at an all-time high, with no signs of slowing down.  Right now, everyone is talking about CBD flower, also known as hemp flower, which is the pure and raw buds of the hemp plant that can be smoked or vaporized, and even cooked with by particularly creative enthusiasts.  In the state of North Carolina, many residents are seeking out high-quality CBD flower to incorporate into their daily routines.


Because CBD flower is a fairly new trend on the market, a lot of North Carolina residents are unsure as to where they can find legitimate, high-quality options.  Also, understandably, not all residents are even sure as to whether or not it’s completely legal.

Before we talk about where you can find CBD flower in North Carolina, we have to talk about its legality.  After all, the CBD industry has had a complicated relationship with the law for quite some time.  In 2018, the Farm Bill decriminalized hemp on a federal level.  The law makes it clear that hemp products are legal as long as they contain no more than 0.3% THC.  Once the Farm Bill was passed, states had the ability to refine these laws as they saw fit.


North Carolina has remained a CBD-friendly state, and hemp flower can be purchased legally.  Therefore, if you live in North Carolina, you are free to buy, possess and use this product without fear of getting into trouble with the law.

In the state of North Carolina, there is no law that states that you can only possess a certain amount of CBD flower.  Therefore, you are free to stock up to your heart’s content.

What Kinds of CBD Flower are Available in North Carolina?

CBD flower comes in all kinds of varieties.  Let’s go over the different types of flower products you can find in the state of North Carolina.

Unique Strains

One largely appealing aspect of CBD flower is the fact that it comes in a wide variety of strains, which allows users to be particular about what type of experience they’d like to have.  Each strain of the hemp plant has a unique chemical composition, with each one offering slightly different effects as every compound has its own specific properties.  Therefore, hemp enthusiasts can decide if they want a strain more geared toward stress relief, pain or something else that they’re trying to achieve with CBD.

Rolled and Loose

You can purchase the loose buds of the hemp plant, which can be smoked in a pipe, vaporized, rolled into papers or cooked with.  All that you need to do is choose the quantity, and what you’ll receive are individual flower buds that look like they were just picked from the plant.  You can also opt for pre-rolls, which are simply the flower buds that have already been rolled into paper, which are meant to be smoked.

What to Look for in When You Buy CBD Flower in North Carolina

Before we get into where you can buy CBD flower, we first need to talk about the important factors to look out for when choosing from the different options that are available.

#1: Third-Party Testing

It’s very important that the CBD flower product you choose has been tested by a third-party lab.  This provides you with verification from an unbiased source that the flower is pure and legitimate.  Any good company should provide lab reports to customers.

#2: Freshness

Hemp flower is good for about six months to a year, depending on how it is stored.  This means that you should always look for the freshest CBD flower you can find.  Flower that is dull in color and aroma is a waste of money as it indicates that the active compounds are losing their potency.

#3: Transparency

Only buy your CBD flower from a company that is transparent about how they source their hemp and create their products.

#4: Legality

Finally, it’s crucial that you know that you’re buying hemp and not marijuana.  They look and smell identical, so you must buy from a trustworthy company.

Where to Buy CBD Flower in North Carolina

Now, we can get into the various places from which you can buy your flower in the state of North Carolina.

Vape Shops

More and more vape shops are selling CBD flower along with other hemp products, as a lot of vaping customers are seeking out cannabidiol goods.  If you’re going to choose your hemp flower from a vape shop, make sure that the business sells only top-quality products and offers flower from trusted companies.

Online Distributors

Online distributors can legally ship hemp flower to North Carolina residents, and many prefer to go this route for two reasons.  One is that distributors generally have high quality standards and are selective about the brands they work with.  Secondly, online distributors tend to offer a wider selection of flower products compared to brick and mortar stores.

Hemp Companies

You can also buy CBD flower directly from a hemp manufacturer, via their website.


If you have a medical marijuana card, you can likely find hemp flower in a dispensary.

Where Not to Buy CBD Flower in North Carolina

There are some places that may offer CBD flower that we do not recommend.

Convenience Stores

We’re seeing CBD products popping up in a lot of convenience stores, and we do not recommend buying hemp from these locations.  Convenience stores typically aren’t concerned with selling the highest-quality products possible and would rather opt for cheap products that appeal to those on a budget.  When it comes to cbd flower , you never want to skimp on quality in favor of cheapness.

Unlicensed Businesses

Make sure that you only cbd flower from licensed businesses.  Those selling CBD flower without a license to do so are trying to get around the law and may be selling illegitimate products.

Third-Party Online Vendors

Never attempt to buy hemp flower from third-party vendors like Amazon and eBay.  These companies forbid the selling of hemp flower, and if it is available on these websites, the seller is trying to break the rules.

Final Thoughts

In North Carolina, you can legally enjoy CBD flower, as the state adheres to the federal laws regarding hemp.  There are also are many different sources from which you can find high-quality options in various strains and forms.  Using this guide, you’ll be able to select the best flower product for your CBD-related goals.