Treating Anorexia with Marijuana

August 15, 2020
Anorexia and Marijuana 4:20
Anorexia and Marijuana 4:20

Medical Marijuana may help in the treatment of Anorexia

More and more people are looking to treating anorexia with marijuana. Cannabis is widely known for making you feel hungry– both marijuana users and non-users alike commonly joke about “the munchies.” Yet, have you ever before thought of why it gives you food desires? There’s more science at work when you use marijuana than you might believe.

How Marijuana can Help with Anorexia

Marijuana triggers receptors in your cells that send messages to your body. Using medical marijuana lets your cells communicate signals to:

  • Improve Your Sense of Smell: Since your taste is connected to your sense of scent, marijuana makes food preference better. Boosting the two senses boosts the consuming experience overall.
  • Increase Hunger Hormones: When you have a vacant belly, your body signals cravings using a hormone called ghrelin. Marijuana additionally triggers your body to create ghrelin.
  • Boost Dopamine Levels: Our minds release the chemical dopamine when we do something that makes us pleased. Marijuana boosts dopamine levels, aiding you develop a positive organization with food.’

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