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The number of states open to not only medical but also recreational cannabis use is increasing each year. It has never been easier to access its therapeutic properties. 

However, for many people, using a bong or a pipe can draw unwanted reactions, whether from nosy neighbors or roommates who cannot tolerate the lingering odor. In this manner, weed vaporizers give a user a sense of anonymity.

Although vaporizers for cannabis are one of the best ways to enjoy it, many people still find it hard to choose which one to buy. After all, there are such wide varieties out there, each claiming that it is the one suitable for you. Therefore, we will cover all the necessary information you need to possess about weed vaporizers.

What is a vaporizer?

Technically speaking, a vaporizer is used to vaporize materials at the molecular level by heating them without creating combustion. Vaporization is most often used to refer to the process of turning marijuana buds or extracts (like hash oil) into vapor for inhalation. 

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the information available on the web if you are new to cannabis and do not know much about it. Let’s get it clear.

How does a Weed vaporizer work?

The vaporization process breaks down the molecule structure of the cannabinoids in the dry herb or concentrates to create smooth inhalable vapors.

According to this study, there is a range of temperatures at which cannabinoids vaporize:

  • Delta-9-THC (where THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol – the primary psychoactive cannabinoid derived from marijuana) vaporizes at 314.6°F, having euphoriant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiemetic effects. 
  • Less psychoactive Delta-8-THC with almost the same effects vaporizes at 347 – 352.4°F.
  • CBD, or cannabidiol – a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid,  vaporizes at 320 – 356°F providing anxiolytic, analgesic, antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antispasmodic effects.
  • Other cannabinoids like CBN (cannabinol), CBC (cannabichromene), and CBG (cannabigerol) vaporize at 365°F, 428°F, and MP of 125.6°F, respectively with the CBC and CBG having antiinflammatory, antibiotic and antifungal effects, and CBN being sedative.

When using vaporizers, smoking weed will have more colors as it allows you to change the temperature of the concentrates or herbs are being heated to. 

Benefits of Using Weed Vaporizers

It is claimed that vaporizing is one of the best ways to consume weed products and one of the preferable ones. Some of the noted advantages of using weed vaporizers include:

  • Less adverse effects on your health. Cannabis smoke contains the same kind of cancer-causing chemicals as cigarette smoke. No combustion results in a drastic reduction in pyrolytic smoke compounds, which means no tar, ash, or carbon monoxide. Switching to vaporizing decreases respiratory irritation and increases lung volume in heavy users.
  • Potent hit. Vaporized cannabis produced more fantastic pharmacodynamic effects and higher concentrations of THC in blood compared with equal doses of smoked cannabis.
  • Increased efficacy. With a vaporizer, you get potent THC concentrations every time you inhale, and the results are almost immediate.
  • Less waste. Weed vaporizers require less smoking material to get the desired effects.

Moreover, they produce less smell and are easy to use. All in all, they are a good choice.

Different Types Of Vaporizers

With vaporizing becoming a popular way of consuming cannabis, there is a wide variety of them for everyone to find the one to their liking. 

Depending on the way the product is heated:

  • A conduction vaporizer heats the materials inside the device to a specific temperature that produces a vapor. Still, it does not combust (that is, burn) the materials by creating an open flame. These devices are usually cheaper, portable, heat up faster, and tend to be easier to use.
  • Convention vaporizers. Cannabis is not heated directly; instead, they heat the air, which is then forced around and through the herb in order to heat it. It is like cooking something in an oven. Convection vaporizers are more costly and less portable than conduction vaporizers, but they deliver better vapor quality and flavor.
  • Hybrid vaporizers use both convection and conduction.

Depending on the mobility of the device:

  • Desktop vaporizers are larger and very powerful devices that usually operate using power from an outlet or a portable power source.
  • Portable vaporizers are smaller, battery-powered devices that are ideal for those who are on the go. They include vape pens (dry herb vape pens, dab pens, oil vape pens, and e-juice vape pens) and vape mods (more features and a larger battery capacity). 

Of course, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. One should decide carefully before buying vaporizers online based on what their needs and expected effects are. 

Buying The Best Vaporizers for Weed

Before investing in a vaporizer for weed, it is highly advised to ponder over its pros and cons. 

Desktop marijuana vaporizers have a higher capacity and better vapor production. They are of more advanced technology and work with whips and balloon bags, producing a cleaner vapor production and requiring more maintenance. On the other hand, they are more costly, can be complicated to operate, and are not suitable for micro-dosing.

As for portable cannabis vaporizers, they are easy to use and more affordable. Being easy to maintain, you can take those with you almost anywhere. Speaking of their drawbacks, they have fewer features and need to be recharged more frequently.

Therefore, with all these types of vaporizers for sale, consider the capacity you are looking for, whether you need temperature control or other features and whether you want it to be an easy-to-use device or you are ready to dive into all the details of its maintenance. 

Anyway, when buying vaporizers online, should you have any questions or concerns, our customer support team is always ready to help you in any possible way. Do not hesitate to contact us, and you will not be disappointed.