Binoid Delta 8 Vapes Review

February 13, 2021

Binoid Delta 8 Vapes Review

Binoid has been dominating the delta 8 market for a while now and were one of the first brands to be ahead of the curve by introducing their own unique line of delta-8 THC products.  Among their most popular delta 8 formulas are Binoid Delta 8 Vapes, which remain the most sought-after way to experience the properties of this cannabinoid.


Delta 8 vapes are popular because they work quickly, feel especially potent in the body, and wear off in a fairly short period of time.  While many hemp companies offer only an exceedingly small selection of delta-8 vaping goods, Binoid has quite a large selection of Delta 8 THC Products, which we will be covering to0’pppr89vbuj4 ,

Vape Carts or Disposables: You Decide

Binoid’s delta 8 vapes come in two forms: vape cartridges and disposable devices.  Both types of products deliver the delta 8 compound to the body in a uniquely bioavailable way, but the products themselves are used differently.

  • Disposable vapes are all-in-one vaping systems that are disposable, being replaced when the pre-filled Distillate cartridge runs empty. They arrive attached to the device, and the device is fully charged, meaning that zero maintenance is required.
  • Vape carts are small glass cartridges that attach to a low-wattage vaping device made for vaping hemp extracts. Binoid does, in fact, offer a delta 8 vaping device on their website to be used with their cartridges.  The cartridges are pre-filled with Delta 8 Distillate, and disposed of when the liquid is empty, while the device is kept, and charged on a regular basis.

High-Quality, Carefully Sourced Hemp Material

The hemp that’s used by Binoid to create their delta 8 extracts comes from Oregon, where Binoid has found that the growing conditions yield the best industrial hemp crops.  The hemp is fully organic and undergoes a unique type of extraction process that results in a beautifully pure and potent delta-8 concentrate.  The terpenes added to the extract are also derived from the same organic hemp plant material.

Lab-Tested for Purity

It’s very important that a company can prove the quality of their products, and most do this with lab-testing by a third party.  Binoid has all of their hemp extracts tested by a third-party laboratory, and the same applies for their delta 8 vaping products.  The lab tests can be found on their website, where you can learn more about the quality and purity levels of the products that they produce.

A Plethora of Popular Strains

Binoid has made sure that their delta 8 vapes come in a variety of desirable strains, offering indica, sativa and hybrid strains that are often sought after for their unique effects.  Strains that they offer include Blue Dream, Lemon Haze, Gelato, Strawberry Lemonade and more.  Besides the fact that each strain offers specific terpenes that can be useful to the body, these terpenes flavor the vapes naturally so that each puff provides a magnificent experience to the taste buds without relying on sugary flavoring extracts.

Natural Ingredients

If there’s one thing that you can count on when it comes to Binoid, it’s their dependence on plant-based ingredients over alternatives that are synthetic.  The vape formulas that they offer are free of fillers and artificial flavoring and contain only the purest hemp extracts possible.  This means that you can know exactly what it is that you’re inhaling into your body on a daily basis.

Reliable Technology

Whether you choose the vape carts or the disposable vapes, you can expect reliable technology, as Binoid has put a lot of effort into developing their delta 8 vaping goods.  Unlike some other brands, Binoid does not seem to have problems with leaking cartridges, clogged up mouthpieces or faulty batteries.

Consistent with Federal Guidelines

It’s very important that companies producing delta 8 goods, and hemp goods in general, adhere to federal guidelines.  The federal laws regarding hemp products clearly state that delta 8 is legal, but there are specific standards and restrictions in place.  Binoid is fully compliant with all guidelines and standards, as they are a brand that values integrity, and they take their role in the hemp industry seriously.

Excellent Prices

It doesn’t hurt that Binoid offers some of the most affordable delta 8 vapes on the market today.  They do most of their work in-house, which helps them save manufacturing costs, which automatically translates to affordable prices.  This means that you can stock up on more delta 8 without spending an arm and a leg.  Their delta 8 vape bundles offer particularly stellar savings and are great for those who are particularly heavy vapers.

Our Final Opinon

The delta 8 vapes at Binoid provide users with high-quality, pure, clean and fresh-tasting delta 8 goodness in vaping form.  Whether you go with a disposable device or a pre-filled vape cartridge, you can count on having a solid delta 8 experience that works quickly and feels particularly potent in the body.  Explore their various strains to see what they have to offer.