Urb Delta 8 Prerolls Review

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
February 17, 2021
Review Pre-Rolls Delta 8 Urb
Review Pre-Rolls Delta 8 Urb
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    Urb Delta 8 PreRolls Review

    Urb is a premier cannabis brand made for flower enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Their pre-rolls are particularly popular and are ideal for anyone who enjoys the raw nature of pure hemp flowers.

    The Packaging

    Right away, you can tell that Urb cares a lot about how its products are perceived because its packaging is clean, informative, and quite attractive as well.  More importantly, their pre-rolls are sealed airtight, which is crucial as it keeps the product inside perfectly fresh.  No need to worry about the product going stale during the shipping process.

    The Transparency

    Urb brand aims to be very transparent about how its products are made, which is especially important to consumers who are looking for the best products possible.  They are clear about how they source their hemp, which comes from organic farmers in the United States, and they are clear about how they produce their products.  For their pre-rolls, there isn’t much to be transparent about, as it is a straightforward product consisting solely of hemp flower buds that have been infused with delta-8 distillate, ground up, and rolled into paper.

    The Variety

    One thing that hemp enthusiasts enjoy about Urb is the fact that they offer their products in a wide range of popular strains, and the pre-rolls are no exception.  Strains like Stormy Daniels, Jupiter, and Charlotte’s Wife can be enjoyed in the form of a user-friendly pre-roll, each with its own distinctive chemical composition and terpene profile that offers different effects.  That’s really the only way in which the pre-rolls differ from each other, but given how strain-conscious many of today’s hemp enthusiasts are, this is a pretty valuable variable to offer.

    The Delta 8

    Delta-8 used here is a distillate that has been extracted using Urb’s advanced methods, which are all done in-house.  Basically, nice and potent, as it should be in flower.  Because it’s combined with the other compounds of the hemp plant, many users will find it to be a bit more mellow than straight delta-8 products because cannabinoids like CBD and CBN may help balance out the more potent psychoactive effects of the delta-8 cannabinoid.  This is good news, especially for beginners who may not feel ready for the strong effects of delta-8 just yet.


    Urb is a company that does consistent lab testing and makes the lab tests available to customers.  This way, customers can know what they are getting in terms of purity, quality, potency, and chemical composition.

    Flavor Profile

    The flavor profile of each pre-roll is unique according to strain.  But what we can say is that the flavors are all exceptional as they come from quality plant material, and the terpenes are nice and fresh.

    Overall Experience

    Urb’s line of pre-rolls is very user-friendly as they don’t require rolling up the plant yourself.  Just take that pre-roll outta the package and light it up; then you are good to go!

    Some people will find that they don’t need an entire pre-roll in one sitting, as a little goes a long way.  The psychoactive effects are definitely there, but they are more mellow, and you will likely notice more of a sense of calm taking over.  Of course, the exact experience depends on the selected strain.

    Our Final Opinion – Urb Delta 8 Prerolls Review

    Urb’s pre-rolls are spectacularly high in quality, thanks to the brand’s dedication to sourcing the best hemp possible and their ability to keep the buds fresh so that their chemical compounds remain fully active for maximum effectiveness.  They come in a great variety of strains, and we are totally certain that you will have no trouble finding one that addresses your more precise desires.