12PC BUNDLE - 10" Assorted Design Brass Inlay Wooden Incense Burner


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Elevate your sensory experience with the 12PC BUNDLE – 10″ Assorted Design Brass Inlay Wooden Incense Burner. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this incense burner seamlessly blends functionality with artistic elegance. The 10″ size makes it a substantial yet manageable centerpiece for your space. The assorted designs and brass inlay add a touch of sophistication, making it not just a smoking accessory but a statement piece.

Immerse yourself in the ritual of burning incense with this carefully curated bundle. The wooden construction ensures durability, while the brass inlay adds a luxurious touch. The assorted designs offer a variety that suits different aesthetics. Enhance your smoking sessions or simply enjoy the calming effects of incense with this thoughtfully designed 12PC BUNDLE.

Technical Specifications:

Materials: Wood, Brass

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12PC BUNDLE – 10″ Assorted Design Brass Inlay Wooden Incense Burner – Features:


  1. Durable construction with high-quality wood and brass inlay.
  2. 12-piece bundle provides variety for different moods or occasions.
  3. Elegant assorted designs add a decorative element to your space.


  1. Size may be too large for those seeking a more compact incense burner.
  2. Limited information on specific wood type used in construction.

What is So Special about 12PC BUNDLE – 10″ Assorted Design Brass Inlay Wooden Incense Burner?

The 12PC BUNDLE stands out with its unique combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality. The use of high-quality wood ensures the burner’s longevity, while the brass inlay adds a touch of opulence. Measuring at 10″, it strikes a balance between being a statement piece and a practical accessory.

The assorted designs not only cater to various tastes but also elevate the overall ambiance of your space. The 12-piece bundle ensures you have a variety of options for different occasions or to suit your mood. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of incense with this meticulously crafted brass inlay wooden incense burner.

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