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The Dynavap “B” stands out for its simplicity, efficiency, and unique design. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and medical-grade silicone, it offers durability and longevity. What sets it apart is its method of heating – the “B” uses an external heat source like a torch or butane lighter to quickly reach vaporization temperature. This means no waiting around for your device to heat up; it’s ready to use within seconds.

Technical Specifications:

Materials: Stainless Steel and Medical-Grade Silicone

Heat-Up Time: Rapid

Vapor Path: Directly through the device

Temperature Control: Manual

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Dynavap The “B”: Neon Series Vaporizer: Features

The Dynavap “B” from the Neon Series is an innovative and stylish vaporizer designed for those who seek a convenient and efficient way to enjoy their favorite herbs. This compact vaporizer packs a punch with its advanced features, making it a standout choice for both newcomers and experienced users. The “B” combines sleek design with cutting-edge technology to provide an exceptional vaping experience, and its neon aesthetics make it a stylish addition to your vaping collection.


  • Efficient Vaporization: The Dynavap “B” vaporizer offers rapid heat-up times and on-demand vapor, allowing you to enjoy your herbs without waiting for the device to reach temperature.
  • Portability: Its compact size and durable materials make it an ideal choice for those who enjoy vaping on the go.
  • Customizable Temperature: Users have full control over the heating process, enabling a tailored vaping experience to suit their preferences.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The device’s simple and easy-to-disassemble design ensures that cleaning is a hassle-free process.
  • Neon Series Design: The “B” features striking neon aesthetics that not only look great but also make it easy to spot in your collection.


  • External Heat Source: The use of an external torch or butane lighter may require a learning curve for some users compared to battery-powered vaporizers.
  • Manual Temperature Control: Precise temperature control relies on the user’s heating technique, which may take some practice to master.

Dynavap The “B”: Neon Series Vaporizer: Technical Specifications

  • Materials: High-quality stainless steel and medical-grade silicone
  • Heat Source: External torch or butane lighter
  • Heat-Up Time: Rapid, typically within seconds
  • Vapor Path: Directly through the device
  • Temperature Control: Manual, determined by the user’s heating technique
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with dry herbs
  • Size: Compact and portable, perfect for on-the-go vaping
  • Maintenance: Easy-to-disassemble design for straightforward cleaning

The manual temperature control aspect of the “B” provides a customizable vaping experience. Users can fine-tune their technique to achieve the desired temperature and flavor profile. Its compact and portable design makes it an excellent choice for on-the-go vaping. The neon aesthetics of the Neon Series not only make it visually appealing but also add a touch of style to your vaping sessions.

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