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This post is intended as information and for general knowledge only. Use this product responsibly and in conjunction with state and federal laws. All our smoking equipment may only be used with tobacco and other legal smoking substances. It is recommended that you talk to a healthcare professional before introducing cannabinoids into your daily routine, especially if you have been diagnosed with any medical conditions or are under any medication. It is not recommended to drive or operate any machinery when using cannabis- or hemp-derived products. The user assumes all risks in any way associated with the use of this product. Use responsibly!


The FLAT TOP DABBER features a sleek, flat-ended design that allows for precise handling of your concentrates. Its flat tip makes it easier to scoop, spread, and handle your favorite waxes and oils. The included CARB CAP ensures efficient vaporization by controlling the airflow and trapping heat, maximizing the flavor and potency of your dabs.


  • Constructed from top-tier stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • The flat tip of the dabber makes it easy to handle concentrates with accuracy.
  • The carb cap controls airflow, optimizing the dabbing experience.
  • Suitable for use with a variety of concentrate tools and accessories.
  • Stainless steel construction simplifies maintenance.


  •  Currently available in stainless steel only.

What is So Special about FLAT TOP DABBER & CARB CAP DAB TOOL?

The FLAT TOP DABBER & CARB CAP DAB TOOL stands out from the competition due to its thoughtful design and impeccable craftsmanship. The use of high-quality stainless steel ensures not only robustness but also exceptional heat resistance, making it perfect for the intense demands of concentrate consumption.

The flat-ended tip of the dabber simplifies the handling of concentrates, whether you’re scooping up wax or spreading oils. It offers precision and control for a customized dabbing experience. The included carb cap is designed to complement the dabber seamlessly, enabling you to maximize the flavor and potency of your concentrates. By regulating airflow and trapping heat, it creates an ideal environment for vaporization.

In summary, the FLAT TOP DABBER & CARB CAP DAB TOOL is an essential addition to any concentrate enthusiast’s collection. It combines durability, precision, and efficiency, allowing you to enjoy your concentrates to the fullest. Elevate your dabbing sessions with this exceptional tool and experience the difference for yourself.

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