GRAV® 14mm 45deg Seamless Quartz Banger

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The GRAV® 14mm 45deg Seamless Quartz Banger stands out for its exceptional design and performance. Crafted from premium quartz crystal, it ensures that your concentrates are heated evenly, preserving their pure and natural flavors. Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or just starting your journey, this banger offers an exceptional way to savor your concentrates.

Technical Specifications:
Materials: Premium quartz crystal.

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GRAV® 14mm 45deg Seamless Quartz Banger: Features

Elevate your dabbing experience to new heights with the GRAV® 14mm 45deg Seamless Quartz Banger. This high-quality quartz banger is engineered to perfection, providing a seamless and efficient way to enjoy your concentrates. Crafted with precision and designed for convenience, the GRAV® Quartz Banger ensures optimal heat retention, resulting in flavorful and smooth dabs every time.


  • Pure Flavor: The premium quartz crystal material ensures that your dabs are heated evenly, preserving the pure and natural flavors of your concentrates.
  • Efficient Design: The 45-degree angle provides an ideal balance between heat retention and airflow, allowing for consistent and efficient vaporization.
  • Easy to Clean: The seamless design with no welds or joints makes cleaning a breeze, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance routine.
  • Durable: Thick-walled construction enhances durability, making the GRAV® Quartz Banger a long-lasting addition to your dabbing setup.


  • Requires a Dab Rig: This banger is designed for use with a dab rig, so it may not be suitable for those who prefer other methods of consuming concentrates.

What is So Special about GRAV® 14mm 45deg Seamless Quartz Banger?

Technical Specifications:

  • Materials: Premium quartz crystal.
  • Joint Size: 14mm male joint.
  • Angle: 45 degrees.
  • Thickness: Thick-walled for durability.
  • Seamless Design: No welds or joints for a clean look and easy cleaning.


  • The 45-degree angle strikes the perfect balance between heat retention and airflow, resulting in consistent and efficient vaporization.
  • What makes this banger special is its seamless design; Unlike many other bangers that have welds or joints, this banger is a single, continuous piece of quartz.
  • With no crevices or joints where residue can accumulate, maintenance is hassle-free.

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