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The Hitoki ‘Saber’ showcases a state-of-the-art, patent-pending laser technology in a design that is both more compact and portable than its predecessor. This innovative laser combustion device is ideally paired with the Hitoki bubbler, available either separately or as part of a special launch edition kit. Designed for ease of use, it seamlessly integrates with your preferred glass rig, thanks to an included adapter. This feature enables you to enhance your glassware with laser precision, offering an unparalleled flavor experience.

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Revolutionary Laser Combustion Technology

The Hitoki ‘Saber’ stands at the forefront of innovation with its patent-pending laser system, offering a sleeker, more portable alternative to traditional combustion devices. This advanced technology reimagines the way you enjoy botanicals, employing laser precision to ignite materials without direct flame. This method not only ensures a more even and efficient heating but also significantly enhances the purity and taste of your herbs. The result is a clean, unparalleled flavor experience, setting a new standard in herbal combustion.

Seamless Integration and Versatility

With the Hitoki ‘Saber’, flexibility is key. This device is designed to work in harmony with the Hitoki bubbler, which can be acquired separately or as part of an exclusive launch edition kit. The addition of an easy-to-use adapter allows for quick attachment to any glass rig, transforming your traditional setup into a cutting-edge laser combustion system. Whether you’re at home or on the move, the ‘Saber’ integrates effortlessly into your lifestyle, upgrading your glass piece with laser technology for the ultimate tasting sessions. Embrace the future of herbal enjoyment with the Hitoki ‘Saber’, where innovation meets versatility for an unmatched experience.

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