T=HC2 Einstein Classic 4-Piece SharpShred Grinder

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Experience the epitome of precision and efficiency with the T=HC2 Einstein Classic 4-Piece SharpShred Grinder. Engineered for perfection, the Einstein Classic Grinder delivers a superior grind consistency, ensuring an enhanced smoking experience with every use. Elevate your cannabis preparation game with this exceptional piece of technology.

Technical Specifications:

Size: 2.5 inches in diameter
Number of Pieces: 4 (Lid, Grinding Chamber, Pollen Catcher, and Kief Scraper)
Teeth: Razor-sharp diamond-cut teeth for efficient grinding
Kief Catcher: Yes, with a removable stainless-steel screen
Magnetic Lid: Ensures a secure closure and prevents spillage

Materials: Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum.


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T=HC2 Einstein Classic 4-Piece SharpShred Grinder: Features

The T=HC2 Einstein Classic 4-Piece SharpShred Grinder is designed to elevate your cannabis grinding experience to a whole new level. The keyword “T=HC2 Einstein” signifies its scientific approach to grinding, ensuring each herb is finely shredded for optimal consistency. Crafted with high-quality materials, this 4-piece grinder is built to last and promises an effortless grinding process. Unlock the power of precision grinding with the T=HC2 Einstein Classic 4-Piece SharpShred Grinder and enjoy perfectly ground herbs for your smoking pleasure.


  • Precision Engineering: The T=HC2 Einstein Classic Grinder boasts razor-sharp diamond teeth that ensure an effortless and consistent grind, allowing you to unlock the full potential of your herbs.
  • Superior Build: Crafted from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, this grinder guarantees durability and longevity, making it a reliable companion for years of use.
  • Efficient Kief Collection: With a removable kief catcher and included pollen scraper, you can easily collect and utilize your kief, maximizing the potency of your smoking experience.
  • User-Friendly Design: The 4-piece construction and thoughtful extras make the Einstein Classic Grinder user friendly and convenient for both novice and experienced users.


  • Size and Weight: The T=HC2 Einstein Classic Grinder’s 2.5-inch diameter may be larger than some prefer for portability, and its sturdy build might add a bit of weight to your pocket or bag.

What is So Special about T=HC2 Einstein Classic 4-Piece SharpShred Grinder?

Technical Specifications:

  • Materials: Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum.
  • Grinder Diameter: 2.5 inches.
  • Grinding System: Razor-sharp diamond teeth.
  • Number of Pieces: 4.
  • Kief Catcher: Yes, removable screen.
  • Extras: Pollen scraper included.


  • Crafted from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, this grinder not only exudes quality but also ensures resilience against wear and tear.
  • Its 2.5-inch diameter accommodates a generous amount of herbs for efficient grinding.
  • Equipped with razor-sharp diamond teeth, the Einstein Classic Grinder effortlessly shreds herbs to the desired consistency, enhancing the potency and flavor of your smoking material.
  • The 4-piece construction includes a removable kief catcher, complete with a pollen scraper, allowing you to easily collect and utilize kief for an elevated experience.
  • The T=HC2 Einstein Classic 4-Piece SharpShred Grinder is a fusion of technology and craftsmanship, making it an essential tool for any cannabis enthusiast seeking optimal grinding performance.

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