CALI Bags Cali Pouch 11" x 6"

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Elevate your cannabis lifestyle with the CALI Bags Cali Pouch 11″ x 6″. Crafted with premium materials and designed for both style and functionality, this pouch is a must-have accessory for any cannabis enthusiast. The CALI Bags Cali Pouch 11″ x 6″ offers a perfect blend of form and function, ensuring your cannabis essentials are not only stored securely but also with a touch of sophistication. Embrace the CALI Bags experience, where luxury meets practicality.

Materials: Velvet, Satin Lining, Metal Zipper

Care Instructions: Spot clean with a damp cloth, avoid abrasive materials

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CALI Bags Cali Pouch: Features


  • Stylish and Durable Design
  • Ample Storage Space
  • Secure Metal Zipper
  • Luxurious Velvet Exterior
  • Gentle Satin Lining


  • Limited Color Options


  • Spacious 11″ x 6″ Size
  • Premium Velvet Exterior
  • Elegant Satin Lining for Delicate Items
  • Sturdy Metal Zipper for Secure Closure
  • Versatile Design for Various Cannabis Essentials

What is So Special about CALI Bags Cali Pouch ?

The CALI Bags Cali Pouch 11″ x 6″ stands out with its carefully selected materials and thoughtful design. Crafted from premium velvet, this pouch not only provides a luxurious feel but also ensures the durability needed for daily use. The satin lining inside adds a touch of sophistication while protecting delicate items. The spacious 11″ x 6″ size offers ample storage space, making it versatile for various cannabis essentials. The secure metal zipper guarantees your items are kept safe and sound. Elevate your cannabis storage with the unique blend of style and functionality that CALI Bags Cali Pouch brings to your collection.

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