Ringo's Gift Strain

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
August 30, 2020
Weed Review Ringo Gift
Weed Review Ringo Gift

The first thing you might think of when hearing the name of this strain is the immensely talented and energetic drummer from the Beatles, and you wouldn’t be wrong.  Ringo Starr was part of an incredible gift to the world of music and culture, and the name of this strain certainly lives up to that image.  However, it’s not actually named after him at all, as you’re about to find out.

What is Ringo’s Gift?

Overall, this is a powerful and sought-after strain for its versatility and exceptional effectiveness at satisfying a wide range of needs.  The strain is actually named after Lawrence Ringo, a tremendous and tireless contributor and advocate in the CBD and marijuana world.  It’s made by crossing ACDC and Harle Tsu, and offers an often-balanced CBD to THC ratio, while being a 60% sativa-leaning hybrid.

With the range of CBD to THC being so varied, it’s easy to see why this strain, with its multiple phenotypes, is a much sought-after strain for its variety of uses and applications.

As for its appearance, the flower looks like mint.  It has the same color and a similar size but has the signature brown/orange pistils.  The light, airy, popcorn-like buds are pretty standard and spherical.  They might seem a little sparse, but properly grown plant will deliver a potent cannabis flower.  They’ve a thick, glistening appearance due to the crystal-like coating of the trichomes, as expected with a CBD-rich strain.

What Does Ringo’s Gift Taste and Smell Like?

Harkening back to the original imagery, the Ringo’s Gift Strain matches the assumed namesake – part of something impactful and special, but often assumed to be overlooked.  So, when you get closer and actually experience it, you’ll amazed by what it has to offer.  You’re likely expecting the typical earthy, woodsy and musty flavor of a cannabis product, and you definitely get that, but there’s an additional spiciness to it, with a mix of pepper and mint, and a little bit of a fruity tang kick.

Ringo’s Gift Cannabis Strain Uses

Ringo’s Gift Strain is often available as a high potency CBD extract, with CBD levels ranging as high as 78-84%.

What are Ringo’s Gift’s Effects?

Ringo’s Gift is often available as a high-potency CBD extract, with CBD levels ranging as impressively as 78-84%.  This makes it hugely valuable as a therapeutic choice, not only for the medical marijuana folks, but also for those recreational users with symptoms that benefit as well.  It’s a fantastic option for both body and mind, helping with a variety of mood disorders and pain disorders at the same time.

Ringo’s Gift is beloved because it offers a calming, euphoric head high while energizing and buzzing your body.  People describe a warm and tingly feeling from head to toe, and undeniable giddiness.

The combination of energy in the body and calmness in the head often helps drive creativity and motivation.  The high that you get depends on the phenotype you choose, but regardless, the lower THC combination keeps the psychoactive response to a minimum, allowing you to remain in control and focused, without the stress, pains, and tensions of the day distracting you.

Possible Side Effects of the Ringo’s Gift Cannabis Strain

Despite its effectiveness and versatility, the Ringo’s Gift Strain is the gift that keeps on giving (you seriously didn’t think we’d made it through this without using that phrase, did you?).  There are very few reported side effectives.  The standard cannabis possibilities include paranoia, anxiety, dizziness, headaches, and nausea, but these are rarely ever noted for this strain.  The typical dry mouth, dry eyes is the standard effect sometimes reported, easily managed with additional hydration, and if needed, wetting drops for the eyes.

Growing the Ringo’s Gift Cannabis Strain

We don’t have much info available on what this strain is like to grow.  Basically, we can deduce from the two parent strains, the ACDC strain and the Harley TSU strain, that it’s a hearty strain with a solid yield.

  • Yield: 10-16 ounces outdoors, 8-12 indoors per meter
  • Parent strains are susceptible to pests and mold, so it’s best grown indoors
  • Likely maintenance intensive

Ringo’s Gift: A Crowd Pleaser, Like the Legend Himself

Even though this strain isn’t named after the musician, most of us conjure up the picture of a powerful contributor who changed the world and culture, but is often in the background, in favor of the more public, visible ambassadors to the industry.  Powerful, consistent and giving define the musician, the founder of the strain and the strain itself, which is one that is always appealing, and always delivers.