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TOP 5 Delta 8 THC Products

Only a couple of years ago, delta 8 THC proved itself to be a cannabinoid from the hemp plant that really took off, and it isn’t slowing down any time soon.  Especially, since more people are introduced to its wondrous effects and uniquely enjoyable high.  Fully legal on a federal level, and great for those […]

THC-P vs. Other Cannabinoids

It really has been quite a year for the hemp industry, as 2021 has seen a dazzling number of “new” cannabinoids make their way onto the scene, all with their own distinctive effects and incredible uses.  Now, we have Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P), a cannabinoid already showing to have some pretty phenomenal effects that make it worth […]

How Might Delta 8 THC Effect Someone’s Mood?

All of us have moods that can shift during the day.  We wake up feeling happy and optimistic about the day ahead, but then we get stuck in traffic on the way to work and rage and aggravation take over.  Something that many of us take for granted is the fact that our mood is […]

Delta 8 and ADHD – What are Delta 8 THC Effects for Someone Who Has ADHD

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and it affects millions of Americans of all ages. Usually diagnosed during childhood, this condition affects the nervous system, causing cognitive challenges such as a lack of focus and concentration and hyperactivity as a need for constant stimulation and movement. While ADHD has only been a diagnosable disorder […]

Can Delta 8 THC help sleep?

Did you know that most adults experience some sort of occasional poor sleep?  Why? Usually because of stress that’s preventing them from thoroughly relaxing at bedtime.  However, sleep disturbances can lead to greater consequences as we age, as our bodies require a certain amount of restorative sleep to function properly the next day.   Less-than-ideal […]

Is Delta 8 THC the Answer for Anxiety?

Did you know anxiety affects 1 in 4 people in the United States, causing symptoms that can range from mild to absolutely debilitating?  It’s a complex mood disorder that causes:   Internal Feelings: Excess worry Fearfulness, Dread Uneasiness   Physical Symptoms: Rapid heartrate Shaking Headaches Dizziness Digestive discomfort   Those who have anxiety maintain what […]

Could Delta 8 THC Be an Effective Pain Management Solution?

It is understandable that most of us associate delta 8 THC with its psychoactive properties, because its mild intoxicating effects are what make it stand out among the other cannabinoids of the hemp plant.  Being a cannabinoid, delta 8 can offer a lot more than a simple “high”.  When taking any type of cannabinoid, we […]

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in Canada?

Canada has some of the most relaxed laws about cannabis, but the cannabis market is always evolving, which can leave many residents unsure as to whether or not the latest product on the market is actually legal.  Delta 8 THC is a minor cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant, known for its mild psychoactive properties.  […]

How Does Delta 10 THC Stack Up Against Other Cannabinoids?

The hemp plant contains over 100 unique cannabinoids, with some of them more prominent and accessible to us than others.  Most of us are more than familiar by now with CBD, as it has been on the market for well over a decade.  A good number of us have also explored delta 8 THC, which […]

5 Best Delta 8 Concentrates/Dabs

5 Best Delta 8 Concentrates/Dabs Delta 8 THC can be administered in the form of a vaping product, tincture, an edible, and additional highly effective and bioavailable delivery methods.  However, those who are seeking out the strongest and fastest-acting delta 8 experience will undoubtedly be intrigued by dabs and concentrates.   Best used by experienced […]

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