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Which THC-Based Cannabinoid is the Most Potent?”

Remember the ol’ days when “THC” referred strictly to delta 9 THC?  Today, thanks to a whole lot of hemp research, we know that there are many cannabinoids within the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) family that each offer a different level of potency when it comes to their high.  We understand that the majority of hemp enthusiasts […]

Which Delta 8 Concentrates Should I Choose at

There is nothing quite like some delta 8 THC when you’re in the mood to sit back and unwind with a nice psychoactive buzz.  But, some of us reach a point when we desire something stronger, and for those moments, there’s the world of delta 8 concentrates.  These concentrates, sometimes known as “dabs”, are more […]

TOP 5 Delta 8 THC Products

Only a couple of years ago, delta 8 THC proved itself to be a cannabinoid from the hemp plant that really took off, and it isn’t slowing down any time soon.  Especially, since more people are introduced to its wondrous effects and uniquely enjoyable high.  Fully legal on a federal level, and great for those […]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Louisiana Will Permit the Use of Delta 8 THC in Food Products

While numerous states have developed increasingly harsh laws forbidding the sales of delta 8 THC, the mildly psychoactive and federally legal isomer of delta 9 THC, Louisiana has set a new precedent by writing up new laws that specifically permit the use of the cannabinoid, along with others, in food products.  Since the passing of […]

Industrial Hemp Farms Fortified Delta 8 Flower Review

Naturally, fans of delta 8 THC flower want to find buds that are as high in quality, fresh and flavorful as possible, and want to be able to choose a strain that satisfies their exact goals in terms of taking delta 8 and other hemp compounds.  Fortified Delta 8 Flower from Industrial Hemp Farms checks […]

What are the Key Differences Between THC and THCV?

It’s a really exciting time to be a hemp enthusiast.  Research and technology are coming together like never before to introduce all kinds of fascinating hemp-derived products to the market.  All., while discoveries are being made about individual compounds in the plant that can be concentrated to provide distinctive desirable properties to the body.  One […]

What is THC-O?

Hemp-derived THC-based cannabinoids are in high demand these days, with delta 8 THC being the most sought-after and available on the market.  But, there is another form of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) destined to be a success: THC-O.  Short for THC-O-acetate, it’s a compound that one should be careful about when comparing to delta 8 THC, because […]

How Might Delta 8 THC Effect Someone’s Mood?

All of us have moods that can shift during the day.  We wake up feeling happy and optimistic about the day ahead, but then we get stuck in traffic on the way to work and rage and aggravation take over.  Something that many of us take for granted is the fact that our mood is […]

Delta 8 and ADHD – What are Delta 8 THC Effects for Someone Who Has ADHD

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and it affects millions of Americans of all ages. Usually diagnosed during childhood, this condition affects the nervous system, causing cognitive challenges such as a lack of focus and concentration and hyperactivity as a need for constant stimulation and movement. While ADHD has only been a diagnosable disorder […]

Can Delta 8 THC help sleep?

Did you know that most adults experience some sort of occasional poor sleep?  Why? Usually because of stress that’s preventing them from thoroughly relaxing at bedtime.  However, sleep disturbances can lead to greater consequences as we age, as our bodies require a certain amount of restorative sleep to function properly the next day.   Less-than-ideal […]

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