Cannabis Gift Guide for the Weed Enthusiast in Your Life

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
December 21, 2022
Best Rasta Present Weed
Best Rasta Present Weed

When it comes to gift-giving in general, there is no shame in curiosity, so why not indulge a little?  So we have put together this Cannabis Gift Guide so when shopping for a friend, family member, or loved one you have some cannabis product recommendations & reviews . However, what if they have a unique taste for something that is well, to put it simply, “high” up there? Now, that is where the challenge comes in. Buying them a gift that meets their expectations. Luckily, this can sometimes be easier than you think, especially if they are a weed enthusiast. Get the hint?

Cannabis Appreciation Shouldn’t Be Limited to Consumption

As the marijuana plant continues its path to normalization, it opens up a vast potential for expression that connects weed to other creative parts of life. Below, you will find weedy gift ideas for weed people who are into art, food, design, nature, literature, fashion, decor, and more.

Pre-Rolled Cones

It goes without saying that one of the best gifts to give a weed lover is, well, weed. But, rather than give them the same loose buds they can get anywhere, give them a pre-rolled cone, which makes them feel like a king or queen. A pre-rolled cone goes above your average joint by stuffing way more buds in there so that they will get plenty of puffs out of each one. These cones are breathtaking in size, and never fail to impress, acting as the perfect choice for any special occasion – or when your friend wants to get really high.


Remember those big yellow highlighters we all had in our backpacks? Well, this pipe may look just like that classic bright yellow marker, but it is actually a pipe that is as discreet as it is the perfect gift for anyone who loves collecting whimsical and creative pieces. Designed like a one-hitter, it is pocket-friendly, and certain to make anyone smile. It is also the perfect fake-out gift to get plenty of laughs since your friend will genuinely think you gifted them a real highlighter until they take a closer look.

Oil Pen Rig

For that dab enthusiast in your life, an oil pen rig is never a bad idea. It is an electronic vape pen that doubles as a dabbing device and a more traditional vape oil pen, allowing the user to switch between the two depending on what they want at any given moment. Versatile, convenient, portable and reliable, it will make your friend or family member’s life a lot easier, by offering a travel-friendly way to enjoy two types of products in one. Today’s oil pen rigs are more advanced than ever before, offering lots of different features that allow them to control the temperature, flavor, vapor output and more while remaining generally user-friendly enough for them to get the hang of with the first try.

Original Stash Bag

A stash bag is a must-have accessory for anyone who travels with their nugs, but it is also one of the last accessories most avid enthusiasts will buy for themselves since they are not so prominent on the accessory market. A stash bag is a smell-proof bag that contains various compartments to fit your buds, your pipe, your papers, your grinder and other accessories, usually having a shell exterior that keeps everything nice and protected from getting crushed in transit. Stash bags range from affordable to high-end and come in all kinds of styles, sizes and shapes to accommodate every single weed lover in your life. Any stoner who takes their weed with them on the go is going to be extremely grateful to you for making their life much, much easier.

Balance Pipe

Being conceived by Brooklyn-based artist Jamie Wolfond, the balance pipe brings weed culture into the high-brow art world. It is a visually striking pipe that is just as functional as it is visually stunning, and its key feature is its distinctive asymmetrical shape that allows the pipe to balance perfectly on a surface – after all, have you ever tried to lay a spoon pipe down on a table and keep it upright? The original design boasts a gorgeous cobalt blue color that, combined with the overall design, makes it look like a masterpiece on any shelf, all while promising a dreamy smoking session without the risk of knocking your buds over when not in use. It conducts very little heat as well, which is by design to make handling it far more comfortable.

How to Choose the Best Gifts for Weed Lovers

Despite what you may be thinking here, “4/20” isn’t the only day of the year that hollers for a weed-themed present or marijuana-inspired gift. If you’ve got a hemp enthusiast in your life and before reading this, had no clue what to get them for a birthday gift, the holidays, or whatever occasion that’s coming up, opt for something that speaks to their interests. And, even if your loved one seems to have everything, we’re certain that these gifts for weed smokers offer plenty of products they didn’t even know existed, from high-end pipes to the perfect travel bags for marijuana enthusiasts. Choose from this list of the best gifts for stoners above, to make that special weed-loving someone in your life happier than ever.