5 weed strains to help you chill

May 20, 2020

Chill Out with Medical Marijuana Strains

Some people smoke weed to put a little pep in their step at the top of the day, and some smoke it because it clears their minds in the middle of a hectic afternoon. But arguably, people mainly consume cannabis to chill out and relax. We’ve found 5 weed strains to help you chill.

Tons of strains have relaxing qualities, so choosing one to try can be a little daunting. Always remember that the effects of cannabis are relative to each individual’s body, and what works for you may not work for others. These suggestions are based on the most commonly reported effects from these strains.

Here are 5 of our best suggestions for getting hazy and lazy.


Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a straight-up classic. When it comes to relaxing cannabis strains to get lazy with, there aren’t too many out there with a better reputation than NL. Bred from Afghani and Thai landrace strains, this strain is heralded as one of the original indicas, championed for its ease to grow in a variety of environments.


With a few sniffs you’ll probably detect peppery notes buried underneath a mostly sweet and earthy aroma. The flavor is more of the same and the effects tend to be relaxed and happy, bringing about a comfortable laze that usually tails off into a surprise nap.


Northern Lights is one of the most famous cannabis strains in the world, so you can definitely find it in a nearby weed shop. Its nugs are usually dense and extremely resin-coated so make sure to have a grinder on hand.


Also known as Girl Scout Cookies, GSC is a potent strain that lasts so long you won’t want to leave your couch. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to get high and binge-watch the newest FX Original series, or watch the newest Netflix Film.


A cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison, GSC flowers kick out a sweet funk and an earthy flavor that scream “Hey there are Kush genetics at play here!” Typically cited as a strain that can help boost creativity, Cookies will also bring about a goofy euphoria that pairs great with sitting around and not much else.


If you’re looking for a weed strain to smoke while you zone out to some tunes, then Gelato is the answer. It has a well-known reputation for being potently relaxing and a little schedule-clearing, which is exactly how you want to feel while the UE MegaBoom on your nightstand kicks out Drake’s newest album.


One of the Cookie Fam’s most prized productions, Gelato, aka Larry Bird, crosses Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint. The result is a prominently purple and white flower with a sweet, earthy, and gassy flavor that comes off fruity and dessert-like at times.

Blackberry Kush

Some strains can help chill you out by putting you directly to sleep without much consideration for anything else. In that realm, Blackberry Kush is an absolute no-doubter that could probably put Zzzquil out of business.


This cross of Afghani and Blackberry produces nugs that are so purple, sometimes they appear black. From those nugs comes a mix of sweet berry flavors, backed with a slightly sour tartness on the back of the tongue.


If you are not very experienced with cannabis, steer clear of this strain as it will most likely be a little overwhelming for novices.


Remedy is a special suggestion for those seeking to be relaxed without being overpowered by THC. It’s one of the most popular CBD strains, and one of the very few that grows as indicas.


This cross of Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk has a reputation for producing a mellow relaxation in the body, which is why so many medical marijuana patients seek it for various ailments. On top of that, it has a great taste of sweet and earthy flavors, especially when vaped as oil.


Though you won’t get a ton of THC from Remedy, its therapeutic qualities are still great for anyone wanting to chill out and be lazy for a bit.